SPEAGSchmid & Partner Engineering AG (Zurich, Switzerland)
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For wrist-worn devices, Phase 1 will make use of the SPEAG SF10-FPV2 forearm phantom, which has been approved by the working group.
As noted in the 7Layers presentation, "Despite person-to-person variations of up to 5.7 dB in human wrist impact to measured TRP [total radiated power], the average human wrist impact agreed with that of the SPEAG forearm to about 0.1 dB." Release of a test plan for wrist-worn devices is planned for October 2015.
[15] Schmid & Partner Engineering, AG, http://www.speag.com/ speag.
The SPEAG probe used to measure the experimental [B.sub.1] fields was a fluxmeter probe.
We conducted numerical dosimetry according to Kuster and Schonborn (2000) using the finite-difference time-domain simulation platform Semcad X (SPEAG, Zurich, Switzerland) and three whole-body anatomical phantoms (two male, one female).
All electromagnetic (EM) simulations in this paper are performed using the FDTD-based EM-simulator SEMCAD-X by SPEAG.
This applicator was designed and optimized by the FDTD simulator [37-41] (e.g., SEMCAD X EM Field simulator from SPEAG, Schmid & Partner Engineering AG, Switzerland).
[34.] SEMCAD X by SPEAG, www.semcad.com(http://www.semcad.com).