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SPEARSocial Policy Evaluation and Research (New Zealand)
SPEARSociety for the Promotion of Education and Research (Belize)
SPEARSpontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response (self defense system)
SPEARStanford Positron Electron Accelerating Ring (particle physics accelerator)
SPEARSpecial Operations Forces Equipment Advanced Requirements
SPEARSecurity Protocol Engineering and Analysis Resource
SPEARSeismic Performance Assessment and Rehabilitation (EU research project)
SPEARSurface Profile Analysis Reflectometer
SPEARSpeech Enhancement Assessment Resource
SPEARSelectable Precision Effects At Range
SPEARSelected Pollution Equipment Availability Register
SPEARSingapore Prisons Emergency and Action Response
SPEARSignal Processing Environment for Analysis and Reduction
SPEARStrategic Planning Enterprise Architecture and Requirements
SPEARSustained Performance Excellence, Assessment and Review (trademark of Business Assessment Services; Pretoria, South Africa)
SPEARSLQ-32 Program Evaluation And Review
SPEARSignal Processing, Evaluation, Alerting & Reporting
SPEARStandardized Patriot Evaluation and Assessment Reporting (US Army Air Defense Artillery)
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Do not aim at him all at once, but six of you throw your spears first, and see if you cannot cover yourselves with glory by killing him.
They threw their spears as he bade them, but Minerva made them all of no effect.
Searching quickly about the interior, she presently discovered a spear, and, armed with this, she again approached the entrance.
Now bending double, now stamping furiously upon the ground, now leaping into the air, he danced step by step in the narrowing circle that would presently bring him within spear reach of the intended feast.
This he flung to his comrades among the Achaeans, and was again springing upon Alexandrus to run him through with a spear, but Venus snatched him up in a moment (as a god can do), hid him under a cloud of darkness, and conveyed him to his own bedchamber.
You used to brag that you were a better man with hands and spear than Menelaus.
When you have robbed Cycnus of sweet life, then leave him there and his armour also, and you yourself watch man-slaying Ares narrowly as he attacks, and wherever you shall see him uncovered below his cunningly-wrought shield, there wound him with your sharp spear. Then draw back; for it is not ordained that you should take his horses or his splendid armour.'
Then he raised the heavy spear to drive it through the mighty heart, and still Tarzan of the Apes smiled contemptuously upon him.
The men were running, two and two, with the length of a spear throw between them.
"Wants a letter about Spear. He's been convicted of theft.
He and the lions had been making so much noise that neither could hear anything above their concerted bedlam, and so it was that Tarzan did not hear the great bulk bearing down upon him from behind until an instant before it was upon him, and then he turned to see Buto, the rhinoceros, his little, pig eyes blazing, charging madly toward him and already so close that escape seemed impossible; yet so perfectly were mind and muscles coordinated in this unspoiled, primitive man that almost simultaneously with the sense perception of the threatened danger he wheeled and hurled his spear at Buto's chest.
Well, Ja should know his own business, I thought, and so I grasped the spear and clambered up toward the red man as rapidly as I could--being so far removed from my simian ancestors as I am.