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SPEARSocial Policy Evaluation and Research (New Zealand)
SPEARSociety for the Promotion of Education and Research (Belize)
SPEARSpontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response (self defense system)
SPEARStanford Positron Electron Accelerating Ring (particle physics accelerator)
SPEARSpecial Operations Forces Equipment Advanced Requirements
SPEARSecurity Protocol Engineering and Analysis Resource
SPEARSeismic Performance Assessment and Rehabilitation (EU research project)
SPEARSurface Profile Analysis Reflectometer
SPEARSpeech Enhancement Assessment Resource
SPEARSelectable Precision Effects At Range
SPEARSingapore Prisons Emergency and Action Response
SPEARSelected Pollution Equipment Availability Register
SPEARSignal Processing Environment for Analysis and Reduction
SPEARStrategic Planning Enterprise Architecture and Requirements
SPEARSustained Performance Excellence, Assessment and Review (trademark of Business Assessment Services; Pretoria, South Africa)
SPEARSLQ-32 Program Evaluation And Review
SPEARSignal Processing, Evaluation, Alerting & Reporting
SPEARStandardized Patriot Evaluation and Assessment Reporting (US Army Air Defense Artillery)
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He knew he could not escape recognition, his face was too well known, but, he trusted, for the sake of Spear, the reporters would make no display of his visit.
Thorndike is interested in Henry Spear, coming up for sentence in Part Three this morning.
When he saw me clambering up that spear he let out a hiss that fairly shook the ground, and came charging after me at a terrific rate.
I made a frantic effort to reach Ja's hand, the sithic gave a tremendous tug that came near to jerking Ja from his frail hold on the surface of the rock, the spear slipped from his fingers, and still clinging to it I plunged feet foremost toward my executioner.
When you have robbed Cycnus of sweet life, then leave him there and his armour also, and you yourself watch man-slaying Ares narrowly as he attacks, and wherever you shall see him uncovered below his cunningly-wrought shield, there wound him with your sharp spear.
Thrice was he stricken by my spear and dashed to earth, and his shield was pierced; but the fourth time I struck his thigh, laying on with all my strength, and tare deep into his flesh.
Then he raised the heavy spear to drive it through the mighty heart, and still Tarzan of the Apes smiled contemptuously upon him.
For several minutes the blacks hesitated; then, at the urging of Rokoff and their chief, they leaped in to finish the dance and the victim; but ere ever another spear touched the brown hide a tawny streak of green-eyed hate and ferocity bounded from the door of the hut in which Tarzan had been imprisoned, and Sheeta, the panther, stood snarling beside his master.
The men were running, two and two, with the length of a spear throw between them.
Still, Amphimedon just took a piece of the top skin from off Telemachus's wrist, and Ctesippus managed to graze Eumaeus's shoulder above his shield; but the spear went on and fell to the ground.
In an instant he saw what the new prisoner was doing and raising his spear, struck the ape-man a vicious blow across the head with its shaft.
Alexandrus aimed first, and struck the round shield of the son of Atreus, but the spear did not pierce it, for the shield turned its point.