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SPECSpecial (special operations)
SPECStandard Performance Evaluation Corporation
SPECStandard Performance Evaluation Corp. (computer benchmarks; Gainesville, VA)
SPECSpelling Corrections
SPECSociety Promoting Environmental Conservation
SPECStakeholder Partnerships, Education and Communication (US IRS)
SPECSpecies of European Conservation Concern (ornithology)
SPECSystems Performance Evaluation Cooperative
SPECSystem Performance Evaluation Corporation
SPECSpecial Purposes Examination for Chiropractic
SPECSouth Pacific Bureau for Economic Cooperation (also seen as SPBEC)
SPECStanford Project on Emerging Companies (Stanford Graduate School of Business; Palo Alto, CA)
SPECStudents for the Preservation of Etiquette in Chess (TV show Fillmore!)
SPECSocial, Political, Economic, Creative
SPECSingapore Previa Estima Club (car club)
SPECSpace Environmental Compatibility
SPECSpa Pool Educational Council
SPECSupport Programme for Employment Creation (EU)
SPECStrategic Partnership Education and Communication
SPECSupport Problems Encountered Commonly
SPECSelection, Pre-qualification and Evaluation of Consultants
SPECService des Programmes d'Etudes Canada (Canada)
SPECSustaining Partnerships-Enhancing Collaboration (Wasington)
SPECSpecial Service, Reserve Pay Clerk (US Navy)
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SPEC INDIA strives hard to keep pace with the emerging technologies and is keen to demonstrate a solution for connected homes and smart living in the area of Android TV, Android Auto and WiFi communication between devices.
To learn more about the Carbide Series SPEC cases, visit http://www.
To help maintain the engineering performance of the final HMA pavement, the new AASHTO spec limits the maximum amount of deleterious material allowed in the RAS.
SPEC allocates the VITA program's finite resources based on the commitment and investment of individual partners, taxpayer needs and performance.
Whether drivers like it, the spec engines are here.
A common tactic is to call in three or four vendors, run them through a dog and pony show with no specs or only the most vague of specs, run a test or two, a pilot or two and, viola, the IRA or Justice has a new software standard which was achieved in a manner similar to palm reading or looking at birth signs.
Alt Spec will employ Tolleson's expertise to develop a single, universal resource that consolidates extensive visual information across virtually all product categones -- commercial, contract, retail, and residential -- with high-quality printing and thoughtful, conceptual presentation.
Now Sony and Philips are floating a proposal to the industry for a "double-density" drive spec that would put 1.
BUSINESS: Consult, Prog Mgr/Agcy, Spec Print, Spec Publ SVCS: Cpns, Sweeps CHARGE: Per Project SPEC: Cons, B-to-B, Cat, Fund, Fin Svcs, Publ, Cont Progs INFO: Broc
A good spec can get you exposure through Realtors or a parade of homes.
BUSINESS: Prod Mfgr, Spec Print SVCS: Personal, Prems, Items, 3-D Direct Mail CHARGE: Per unit SPEC: Bus, Fund, Fin Svcs INFO: Broc, Cat, Smpl