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" Medics discharge him-" Medics discharge him with a plan that introduces specc foods back into his diet, including his favourite - chicken.
The Strengthening Pre-collegiate Education in the Community College (SPECC) project created faculty inquiry groups to understand more deeply how students learn in developmental courses (The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, n.d.).
Strengthening Pre-collegiate Education in Community Colleges (SPECC) was organized by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in partnership with The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to increase student learning in developmental--or basic skills--classes.
" As a result of the public consultation, no specc start date has yet been given.
The essay looks at how faculty inquiry has been mobilized to improve the teaching and learning of basic skills at a cluster of California community colleges participating in the Carnegie Foundation initiative on Strengthening Pre-collegiate Education in Community Colleges (SPECC).
Included are recommendations drawn from the work of the 11 community college campuses that participated in Strengthening Pre-Collegiate Education in Community Colleges (SPECC): (1) The success of underprepared students must be an institution-wide, core responsibility; (2) Professional development should be reinvented as an intellectually engaging, integral element of work in an educational institution; (3) Institutional research must be expanded to focus more directly on core issues of teaching and learning; (4) Community colleges should lead the way in developing richer, more revealing measures of student learning; and (5) Ongoing, larger-scale improvement requires a lively, open "teaching commons" that values the knowledge of practice.
The goal of Strengthening Pre-collegiate Education in Community Colleges (SPECC) has been to foster a culture in which educators work together, informed by evidence, to strengthen student learning.