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SPECTRASurface Processes and Ecosystem Changes Through Response Analysis
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Galla added the government must ensure that spectra are not hoarded by companies, and then sell them at a latter date.
In consideration for Spectra Energy Partners' interests in Sand Hills and Southern Hills, Spectra Energy will transfer for redemption and cancellation 21.56m limited partner units, 440,000 general partner units, and a reduction in the distribution right payments associated with the cancelled units.
Application of the obtained formula to line broadening phenomena in [I.sup.b] absorption spectra.--[I.sup.b] spectra, obtained by excitation of an electron belonging to the outermost closed shell, have been studied by BEUTLER in a series of important works ([2]).
There is no right or wrong in these spectra; all placements are open to discussion, and I am very careful to make it clear that in a book like Heart of Darkness, there is no European character completely free from racism.
But the feature that will really have the number crunchers at Honda and Toyota sitting up and taking notice is the Spectra's airbag system.
Two dozen of the most important commercial polymers and their infrared spectra are discussed.
"The fact that Backup Express is certified for Spectra Logic's T950 lets our customers know that they can easily integrate the two in their backup and restore and storage solutions.
Spectra High-Strength Black complements US Ink's Spectra High-Strength Color.
Here and on the facing page are suites of spectra for five different supernovae.
To ensure identical spectra in storage measurements with different [lambda], Pendlebury, Mampe et al.
Some 30 years ago, astronomers discovered a series of spectra dubbed the unidentified infrared bands.
The SPECTRA 1x2488 is the first fully STS-1/AU-3 channelized framer with integrated multi-rate clock and data recovery (CDR) and synthesis, replacing up to 5 discrete devices (see figure 1).