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SPECTRUMSpecial Experiment Concerning Typhoon Recurvature and Unusual Movement (meteorology)
SPECTRUMSignal Processing for Experimental Chemistry Teaching and Research/ University of Maryland (freeware signal processing program for Macintosh computers)
SPECTRUMSolar Power Exploitation by Collection and Transportation by Fibre Optics to Remote Utilisation Modules (Joint Opportunities for Unconventional or Long-Term Energy Supply; EU)
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However, ITFS licensees are beginning to use their spectrum to deploy high-speed wireless broadband networks and data services to education and community institutions, homes, and small businesses.
The physics of the radio frequency spectrum mean that certain frequencies are better suited for certain applications and that interference between systems must be considered.
Spectrum Solutions, a leader in providing innovative, high-quality end-to-end business solutions, and a Cisco value-added partner, serves the Midwestern states with customized wireless solutions.
This news release contains forward-looking statements related to sales of the Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.
Palumbo joined Spectrum in 1998 upon the acquisition of the net assets of Alex Computer Systems Inc.
Zeligsoft and Spectrum supply code generator to their value-added solutions targeting SDR development and deployment
This integrated package frees our customers to focus exclusively on the development of their applications," said Mark Briggs, VP Marketing at Spectrum Signal Processing.
While designed for military communications, we knew our third generation SDR technology would bring benefit to market segments beyond C4ISR," said Mike Farley, President of Spectrum USA.
Jim Atkins has done a very good job in building up our capabilities in the US, notably by solidly implementing our Special Security Agreement with the Defense Security Service, which allows Spectrum USA to execute on classified contracts with security cleared personnel.