SPECTSSymposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunications Systems
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I was disappointed in both these re- spects. It neither made him to be humane to his slaves, nor to emancipate them.
Course he 'spected to pay by making money from the farm; but he just couldn't.
The animal is not reverenced, neither was I; I was not even re- spected. I had no pedigree, no inherited title; so in the king's and nobles' eyes I was mere dirt; the people regarded me with wonder and awe, but there was no reverence mixed with it; through the force of inherited ideas they were not able to conceive of any- thing being entitled to that except pedigree and lord- ship.
"I do hate her ways," she exclaimed, "but I'm sorry I let her know we 'spected her; and so to make up, I gave her that little piece of broken coral I keep in my bead purse; you know the one?"
"It's strange," said the girl, reflectively; "but as I'm not a hen I can't be 'spected to understand that."
I awluz 'spected dat rattlesnake-skin warn't done wid its work."
"Oh, don't 'spect ME to tell you anything; I don't know the way," she said.
"But I 'spect you is a little late for de fust act."
"'Bout dat time Sally Jackson, dat used to be my second chambermaid en 'uz head chambermaid now, she come out on de guard, en 'uz pow'ful glad to see me, en so 'uz all de officers; en I tole 'em I'd got kidnapped en sole down de river, en dey made me up twenty dollahs en give it to me, en Sally she rigged me out wid good clo'es, en when I got here I went straight to whah you used to wuz, en den I come to dis house, en dey say you's away but 'spected back every day; so I didn't dast to go down de river to Dawson's, 'ca'se I might miss you.
The ictal single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) scan is used as a diagnostic tool for the surgical treatment of epilepsy patients.
BT kullanilarak yapilan AD ile ilgili iki problem BT ve SPECT kesitlerinin fuzyonunun dogru yapilamamasi (misregistration) ve ek radyasyon maruziyetidir.
Method: A total of 20 patients underwent technetium-99m-MIBI SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging using 16-frame per cardiac cycle acquisition.