SPEDASouth Pacific Electronic Design Associates (New Zealand)
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Master painter Ute Speda, in another demonstration, showed how Meissen artisans used powerful lenses to hand-paint boules, or porcelain balls no bigger than a child's toy marble, to depict very detailed paintings of dragons, skylines and flowers.
Reporters of Gali Kurdistan and Kurdsat, close to Iraqi President Talabani's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Payam, close to the Kurdistan Islamic Group, Kurdish News Network, close to Gorran movement and NRT TV station, a private TV station and Speda faced attack.
(7) A relatively good Old English parallel is to be found in a familiar passage from King Alfred's epistolary preface to his translation of Gregory's Cura Pastoralis: "[eth]aet[te] eall sio giogu[eth] de nu is on Angelcynne friora monna, [eth]ara [eth]e [eth]a speda haebben [eth]aet hie dem befeolan maegen, sien to liornunga o[eth]faeste, [eth]a hwile [eth]e hie to nanre oderre note ne maegen" [that all now among the English who are the children of free persons--those who have the wherewithal that they can dedicate them (i.e., their children) to it--be committed to learning for as long as they cannot (be committed) to some other occupation].