SPEEASociety of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace
SPEEASeattle Professional Engineering Employees Association
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Boeing and SPEEA have a mutual interest in maintaining a stable Puget Sound workforce.
SPEEA argued that most of the existing contract terms for metro Puget Sound employees should simply be extended to the two engineers in Miami.
With engineers accepting Boeing's offer, the 15,550 employees in SPEEA Professional Unit are in position to provide inside support to technical workers if Boeing forces a strike.
Boeing and SPEEA have been in contract negotiations since last April.
AMPA pilots recently voted to start discussions with SPEEA, while the field service representatives are reportedly collecting union authorisation cards in preparation for a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) representation election.
SPEEA said the charges include reports of managers holding mandatory meetings with employees to interrogate and intimidate them regarding the current contract votes.
The union said that the arbitrator ordered Boeing to "make whole" all engineering and technical employees who worked at the sites in job classifications represented by SPEEA since March 5, 2001.
When Washington state voters approved marriage equality in November, SPEEA negotiators again brought up the issue of same-sex survivor pension benefits during contract talks with Boeing.
In recent weeks, SPEEA members have been preparing in earnest for a major strike that could idle Boeing factories and send engineering and technical experts to the picket line.
In addition to the proposed contract extension, SPEEA requested that Boeing continue to meet under the auspices of FMCS mediation to tackle the difficult issues that have proven so divisive in these negotiations.
Support for the SPEEA negotiations continues to grow.
Negotiators from the SPEEA are now unanimously recommending that engineers accept the offer.