SPEEDACSperry Electronic Digital Automatic Computer
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This project has seen a SpeedAC NXT controller retrofitted onto a double screw fed E-SERIES Nett weigher, at their facility at Merrywell Industrial Estate, Ballymount, Dublin.
Control of the bagging process is achieved using a SpeedAC NXT high-accuracy weighing controller.
Current EE39 projects with Planters Clayton utilize SpeedAC NXT controllers for enhanced operating accuracy for every weighment, and compliance with the most stringent international regulatory weighing requirements.
Precision control of the weighers is provided by the latest version of the SpeedAC NXT weighing controller; which optimises the weighing operation with proven weighing software and material in flight control algorithms.
Flour Milling- The onsite upgrading of 4 manual E55 bagging weighers in a Kuwait Flour Milling Complex, from SpeedAC8 controllers to SpeedAC NXT controllers.
SpeedAC NXT controllers are used for operating accuracy and satisfaction of international regulatory weighing requirements.
The control for the alternate discharges is achieved by the internationally proven SpeedAC NXT weighing controller, which allows Dunns to achieve mixed pulse blends in ratios up to 8:1 variations.
Operating on a gross weighing principle the H17E is a fully automatic bagger with a pneumatically operated bag spout for manual bag placing and is controlled by the SpeedAC NXT high accuracy weighing controller.
Packing schedules are programmed into the SpeedAC NXT weigher controller and the PLC controller on the palletiser, which allows for simple change over between different ingredients and bag types and sizes.
The E55 weigher, installed onto a bespoke designed support framework, is controlled by the SpeedAC NXT weighing controller.
Both weighers are controlled by the SpeedAC NXT controller, which was recently awarded the international Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) certificate.