SPEEKSulfonated Poly Ether Ether Ketone
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The polymers SPEEK and PMMA were dissolved separately in Dimethyl Formamide (DMF) solvent.
2] (in a ratio of SPEEK : PMMA = 2:1) (Figures S1 and S2 and Tables S3 and S4 inannexure) displayed the most promising attributes as bone graft biomaterials and hence, were selected for in vivo testing.
Thus, upon comparing the two SPEEK based bone grafts, it could be stated that SPEEK/HA was more favourable and is a promising biomaterial for bone graft applications.
Another interesting area of work is increasing the degree of sulphonation of SPEEK and thereby making it more hydrophilic and also water soluble.
The SPEEK thus formed can then be blended with PMMA and the proposed structure of SPEEK/PMMA blend is given in fig.
To the best of our knowledge, it is for the first time that SPEEK is being explored for applications in medicine.
SPEEK was prepared by sulphonating PEEK using sulphuric acid as the sulphonating agent as per the procedure described elsewhere [24, 25].
SPEEK, being considered for the first time for biomedical applications, and due to the scarcity in the literature with regards to its cytotoxicity unlike that of PMMA, Cs and PVA, it was included in the cytotoxicity study.
Here, the clot formed by SPEEK with 5% of HAP is almost equal to that of the SPSEBS with 1% of HAP.
In Figure 6 (A), the SPEEK ionomer given for FT-IR analysis showed characteristic sulphonic acid group peak at 1124, 1018 [cm.
The X-ray diffraction pattern of SPEEK is shown in the Figure 9(A).
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