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SPEERSocial Psychology and Economics in Environmental Research (UK study)
SPEERStructured Program for Economic Editing and Referrals (expert system; US Census)
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That Speers was killed while serving his country is indeed a tragic loss.
German newspaper Die Welt said Brechtken had "succeeded in the writing deconstruction of the liar Albert Speer.
Fortunately for the world, Speer knew that Hitler loathed Einstein.
Forte's chief defense in the 142-sessions-long Speer arbitration was that though her name was on the account as the advisor of record, she was not managing the investments during the relevant period, 2009-2012.
It's like being held prisoner," says Elsie Herring, a Middleton and Speer client from Wallace, North Carolina, who has been dealing with hog stench for years.
Lo anterior, formulado en terminos positivos, equivale a lo siguiente: la relacion entre Hitler y Speer estuvo mediada por un fenomeno amplio, por un fenomeno que los trasciende a ellos mismos y a las afirmaciones que cualquiera de los dos hubiera podido hacer sobre esa relacion; es decir, por un fenomeno social.
Replay was the only solution that overcame these issues," says Speer.
We designed our own modifications to the standard pump units and worked with Jetstream of Houston LLP on the engineering and manufacturing," Speer explained.
Fully Monty star Hugo Speer has been banned from driving after crashing his BMW while twice the legal drink-drive limit.
Speer lists it as going 950 fps out of a 3 1/2-inch barrel, which is certainly enthusiastic, and given the variations of barrels themselves, spot-on.
While serving his 20-year sentence in Berlin's Spandau Prison, the Third Reich's architect, Albert Speer (1905-81), asked to write his memoirs.