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SPEEXSpeech Codec
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Audiocodecs : G711 (Alaw/ulaw), G722, G726, G729a, Gsm, Speex,
Finally, a wider range of audio file formats, including WAV, OPUS, and Speex, are supported.
Villacis, Acosta y Lara (2013) presentan las capacidades de la tarjeta Alix 2d2 para el manejo de VoIP con un servidor Asterisk embebido, ademas hacen referencia al analisis de desempeno de servicios de VoIP sobre sistemas basados en Wi-Fi [Wireless Fidelity] y analizan los protocolos SIP e IAX junto con los codecs GSM, G.711 U/A, Speex, y G.726, en concordancia con los estandares IEEE 802.11b e IEEE 802.11g, mostrando la viabilidad de implementar VoIP en pequenos procesadores con un bajo consumo de RAM.
Supports almost all industry standard codec types - G.711 (mu-Law and A-Law), G.722, G.729, G.726, GSM, AMR, EVRC, SMV, iLBC, SPEEX, and more.
- Supports G.711[micro]/a, G.722 (HD-audio), G.726-32, GSM, iLBC, Opus (HD-audio), and Speex codecs
Kanthamanon, Perceptual evaluation of speech quality measurement on speex codec VoIP with tonal language Thai", in Advances in Information Technology, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2012, pp.
present a TDMA- (time division multiple access-) based MAC protocol LiT [10] and implement the MAC on an 802.15.4 platform Tmote; the evaluation of LiT shows quick flow setup, low packet delay, and essentiality for real-time applications; however, the speech coder chosen is G.723.1, and the coding bit is 6.3 kbps, but the speech codec power consumption is not considered; in 2012, a Lo3 system based on LiT was reported [15], and it showed that such system bodes well with cost and power constraints in rural regions; the audio codec is SPEEX [16] with data rate of 5.9 Kbps, and the expected lifetime is 5 days.
If you have a Premium account, you even can upload your own audio tracks in several formats, including AAC, FLAC, MP3, MPEG4 audio, WAV, Speex, and Ogg.
Some of the leading codecs right now are G.722, G.722.2 (also called Advanced Multirate-Wideband, or AMR-WB), RT Audio, Speex, EVRC, MPEG-AAC, and SILK (which is used by Skype).
Soporta hasta 150 usuarios IP y hasta 16 puertos analogicos entre interfaces FXS, FXO, GSM, BRI, asi como protocolos SIP/IAX2 y codec G.711 A/u-law, G.726, G.729A, G.722 HD, GSM, Speex, H261, H263, H263p, H264, MPEG4.
Both Adobe's Speex audio and H.264 video codec implementations offer error recovery, according to the company, rendering the need for TCP in real-time communications mostly irrelevant.