SPEISociety of Petroleum Engineers, Inc. (Richardson, TX)
SPEISelected Philippine Economic Indicators
SPEISwimming Pool Equipment Italia SRL (est. 1990; Italy)
SPEIStatutes of Prince Edward Island (Canada)
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SPEI takes into account both precipitation and potential evapotranspiration in determining drought.
The drought of 1988-1989 was characterized by departures of mean annual precipitation from the long-term average of -93 mm in 1988 and -187 mm in 1989, mean annual temperature departures cooler than long-term average, and an SPEI = -0.
In 2008, the government agreed to Banco de Mexico's request to use SPEI for all disbursements.
Figure 1 shows SPI and SPEI at 12- and 60-month time scales, PDSI, sc-PDSI, and 12-month temperature anomalies all ending September 2016.
We have information that in some of the cases, the people implicated were warned before being visited by police," said Marios Charalambous, the Director of SPEI.
La empresa ConSuPago tambien recurrio a Gonzalez Perez para hacerle un deposito via SPEI por 2 millones 120 mil pesos bajo el concepto "CSP12011008".
Contemporaneous correlations between detrended H and P, T, and SPEI averaged over southern B.
Ademas, pagos via SPEI "por cuenta de terceros" por 20 millones 642 mil 886 pesos, donde los terceros son Credito Maestro, Kondinero y ConSuPago.
Adicionalmente, el gobierno de Pena Nieto identifico dos SPEI dirigidos a Avila.