SPEISelected Philippine Economic Indicators
SPEISociety of Petroleum Engineers, Inc. (Richardson, TX)
SPEISwimming Pool Equipment Italia SRL (est. 1990; Italy)
SPEIStatutes of Prince Edward Island (Canada)
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Once the central bank had received the notification, it raised the security alert level in its payment system and requested that all financial institutions connected to SPEI to increase alert levels and surveillance, AXA said.
We use the SPEI to quantify the anomalies in climatic water balance on different time scales.
The fragment of the predicted miR-22 binding sequence or a mismatch sequence in the 3rUTR of PTEN mRNA, amplified from 293T genomic DNA, was cloned into the SpeI and HandIII restriction sites of the pMIR-REPORT plasmid (Invitrogen).
A study of meteorological drought over the one-year period ending August 22, based on the Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI), shows that 88 percent of the country's area grappled with different levels of drought.
We used the whole-genome sequencing data for in silico determination of MLST STs; virulence factors (lmb, gapC, cba, cbp, fbp, sagA, slo, hylB, spegg, sicG, fbsA, pavA, fnbA, fnbB, gfbA, scpA, scpB, bca, cylE, ska, skc and skg) (22,35); and superantigens (speA, speB, speC, speF, spegg, speH, speI, speJ, speL, mf-2, mf-3, and smeZ) (21,23).
To estimate the severity of these four droughts, we computed average Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI) values for the four drought periods using monthly SPEI data based on Panther Junction climate data available from the Drought Risk Atlas (National Drought Mitigation Center, Lincoln, Nebraska, http://wwwdroughtatlas.unl.edu).
In this study, the standardized precipitation evapotranspiration index (SPEI) was selected to analyze the dynamics of drought.