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SPEIRScottish Portals for Education, Information and Research (Department of Computer and Information Science; University of Strathclyde; Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
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Speir, is the Founder of Speir Financial Services, LLC and is an Independent Investment Advisor Representative with CoreCap Advisors, a registered investment Advisor.
Speir, IMC's president and chief operating officer.
When Speir began coaching in 1998, Antelope Valley's first practice was on the first day of school, which put the team at a disadvantage compared to other Golden League teams that had been practicing for two weeks.
Speir previously was Executive Vice President, Operations.
Speir thinks Parker has the potential to be an NCAA Division I player, and Parker's received interest from several colleges.
Mark Giulini, prosecuting, said witnesses heard Speirs shout 'I'm going to f***ing kill you" during the altercation outside the bookies.
Speirs, from Redcar, had a previous conviction for affray in 2011.
ANNIE SPEIRS is an Olympic original - and medals won by the West Derby swimmer at the 1912 Stockholm Ganes will go under the hammer at Sotheby's in London next week.
FORMER Queen's Park manager Gardner Speirs insists he knew Andrew Robertson was destined for the top from the moment he clapped eyes on him.
Queen's Park parted company with boss Gardner Speirs last night after Berwick Rangers fired four past the basement boys.
The Royal Society of Arts announced that Mark Major and the late Jonathan Speirs were two of 12 top designers who were named Royal Designers for Industry for their innovative use of light to create public space.