SPEISSupplemental Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (US National Nuclear Security Administration)
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Drought Monitor (USDM), the Palmer DSI (PDSI), the standardized precipitation and evapotranspiration index (SPEI), satellite-derived vegetation index and surface soil moisture estimates, and in situ groundwater observations.
Speis also notes that in our culture, vulnerability is often equated with weakness.
Mr Speis said: "The staff are very worried but since the fight they are relaxed.
George Speis, who has worked for Cretan Medicare for three years, said: "It was like a riot.
Tha sin cus, a-reir nan croitearan a tha a' faireachdainn gu bheil barrachd speis dha eoin na daoine.
For talented artists like Christal Brown, Paloma McGregor, Nora Chipaumire, Maria Bauman, Samantha Speis and Marjani Forte-Saunders, she has forged inroads into a profession still largely governed by white standards.
Tha lan eolais aig Domhnall Iain ciamar a bheir e speis do luchd an airm.
There's also artistic director Jawole Willa Jo Zollar's Hep Hep Sweet Sweet, which takes place in a fictional nightclub, and Walking with 'Trane, Chapter 2, her new tribute to jazz great John Coltrane, co-choreographed with Samantha Speis. UBW will stop in Miami and Chicago this month and travel to Portland and Washington, DC, in April.
Mar a dh'ionnsaich am fear a Mississippi, tha diofar dhoighean ann speis a nochdadh do chreideamh agus cach a cheile.
The luggage was found, the rain held off, and the Saturday matinee performance of work by VCU students and alumni (including 2006 graduates Leigh Brinson and Donna Vaughn, and alumni Christina Briggs, Patti Gilstrap, Jason Akira Somma, and Samantha Speis) was a hit.