SPEMSoftware Process Engineering Metamodel (OMG specification)
SPEMSmooth Pursuit Eye Movement
SPEMSolid-Phase Extraction Membrane (clinical toxicology)
SPEMScanning Photoemission Microscopy
SPEMSemi-Spectral Primitive Equation Model
SPEMSingle Photon Emission Mammography
SPEMStrong Point Externally Mounted
SPEMSpontaneous Pathological Eye Movement
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Las instituciones educativas participantes en el estudio indican que la organizacion administrativa del SPEM es coordinada por la direccion y en ella participa el Departamento de Orientacion, ente encargado de elaborar los horarios de manera conjunta con estudiantes, con el proposito de brindarles apoyo, analizar los resultados que van obteniendo, asi como dar seguimiento a las adecuaciones curriculares y a otras situaciones especiales que surgen durante el proceso.
Seguidamente se hace un comentario con base en el criterio de las personas que participaron en el estudio sobre algunos aspectos relacionados con la puesta en practica del SPEM.
En terminos generales, los estudiantes y las familias indican que la informacion brindada por las instituciones educativas A y B sobre el SPEM no fue compresible ni suficiente.
Keywords: Software Test Process, R&D Test Process, Maturity Levels, Enactment, SPEM
The test process defined in this paper is divided into a SPEM model and a BPMN model, and we then prove its effectiveness through related research and quantitative comparison.
This study demonstrates the possibilities of our approach by converting a SPEM model to a BPMN model in a case study.
Investigation of these movement parameters demonstrated differences between SPEM and saccades in individuals with PPCS and injury-free controls [20].
2] on mTBI-related symptoms, we hypothesized that there would be significant differences in postcompression SPEM and saccadic eye movements between the sham and intervention groups.
The techniques used to obtain the pre- and posthyperbaric chamber exposure saccadic movement and SPEM have been described in prior publications from this research team [20].
In order to test the imaging capabilities of the SPEM, young and adult Swiss mice, varying from 30 to 50 g, were included in the experiments.
Even though SPEM development was aimed at imaging brain substructures, we assessed the instrument's imaging capabilities focusing on different organs: thyroid, lungs, heart, and bones, labeled with sodium pertechnetate, [sup.
Extended structures can also be imaged with SPEM, as in Figure 5, which shows, in the upper panels, 4 of the 16 projections obtained while imaging the mouse lungs, labeled with [sup.