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SPEPSerum Protein Electrophoresis
SPEPSummer Premedical Enrichment Program (University of Cincinnati; Ohio)
SPEPSociety of Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy
SPEPSchool Performance Excellence Plan (Florida)
SPEPStructured Practice Experiences Program
SPEPSide Pressure Exertion Procedure (physiology)
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Imagine a scenario where an internal medicine, primary care, or family physician orders just an SPEP in querying multiple myeloma.
The aims of this feasibility study were to compare MASS-FIX performance with (a) SPEP/IFE for detecting M-proteins; (b) IFE for isotyping; (c) SPEP and the Hevylite assay for M-protein quantification; and (d) SPEP and the Hevylite assay for disease monitoring.
The establishment of this new rotation held between QU and RGU is the fruitful outcome of the strong links built between CPH and RGU, and was not possible without the dedication and support of CPH assistant dean for Student Affairs Ms Alla El-Awaisi, CPH assistant professor and SPEP coordinator Dr Bridget Javed, learning and development manager of Rowlands Pharmacy (UK) Ms Sandra Hutchinson, and Prof Lesley Diack from Robert Gordon Pharmacy School.
All patients who had SPEP performed at this hospital during 2006 were entered into the study.
One sanction for violating the codes is a requirement to complete the SPEP.
SPEP is a simple laboratory technique established in the 1950s, in which serum is applied to a support medium and exposed to an electric current, and the different serum fractions separateinto 5 bands: albumin, [alpha]1, [alpha]2, [beta], and [gamma] globulin fractions (3).
Khalid Al-Waili from the department of biochemistry at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital for supplying the images of SPEP and IF.
But the growing clinical acceptance of a serum free light chain assay has all but eliminated urine tests in identifying such plasma cell disorders as multiple myeloma (MM), smoldering myeloma, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) and primary systemic amyloidosis (AL); and because the assay has proven to be more sensitive than IFE for detecting free or unbound immunoglobulin light chains when it is used in conjunction with SPEP, up to 99% of myelomas can be detected.
Northwestern University SPEP Studies in Historical Philosophy.
We quantified IgG or IgA HLC-pairs as well as total IgG or IgA and retrieved SPEP and IFE results if they were available in the medical record.
Additionally, his SPEP exhibited markedly increased IgG immunoglobulin, and immunofixation data suggested IgG type kappa monoclonal gammopathy.