SPEQSport Equipment (travel)
SPEQSyndicat des Professeurs de l'État du Québec (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
SPEQSelf-Presentation in Exercise Questionnaire
SPEQSpecialty Equipment Companies, Inc (stock symbol)
SPEQSociété du Patronime d'Expression du Québec (Montreal, QC, Canada)
SPEQSociété de Placement en Entreprise du Québec
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Hall, "Progress toward construct validation of the self-presentation in exercise questionnaire (SPEQ)," Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, vol.
In this case, we tried to assess the differences in the psychological dimensions (SCQ, SAS-2, TEOSQ, CES-TP and SPEQ) according the scores obtained in EDE-Q global score by creating two comparison groups: one with the lowest scores and one with the highest scores in the EDE-Q global score, applying comparative analysis for independent groups (t-test for independent samples to test the differences in the global scores of the instruments) and multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) (to test the differences in the specific dimensions of the instruments with more than one subscale).
Finally, we used regression analysis with blocked entry procedures in order to examine the influence of the psychological variables (SCQ, SAS-2, TEOSQ, CES TP and SPEQ) in the four dimensions of EDE-Q.
The next step was to explore whether the psychological variables (SCQ, SAS-2, TEOSQ, CES-TP and SPEQ) varied according to the athletes' tendency for eating disordered behaviors.
Finally, the influence of the psychological variables (SCQ, SAS-2, TEOSQ, CES-TP and SPEQ) in the four dimensions of EDE-Q was examined, after controlling personal and sport variables of the athletes.
The SPEQ program in its current form may not be where we end up.
Pallet manufacturers participating in this program, known as SPEQ (specified pallets, engineered for quality), guarantee that new pallets are manufactured or repaired exactly to a customer's requirements with no corners cut.
In addition to requiring the SPEQ guarantee on new pallets, Chevron also developed its own guidelines for inspecting used pallets.
Already offering the largest selection of FM-rated roof edge products, Metal-Era added new systems to strengthen their commitment of providing high-performance solutions to customers in accordance with their SPEQ promise (Speed, Protection, Expertise and Quality.)
"We're committed to our SPEQ promise of continually providing tested, high performance solutions that arrive at the jobsite on time and within budget.