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Apart from sperm factors in induction of oocyte activation, the oocyte contents, especially glutathione, seem to be the requisites for disulfide bonds reduction in the sperm nucleus and promotion of male pronuclear formation during fertilization (6,37).
robusta, eggs release a sperm-activating and attracting sulfate steroid (SAAF) from the vegetal pole, which can influence sperm directionality and speed (Yoshida et al., 1993, 2002).
Because sperm head is composed by chromatin (DNA condensed by protamine proteins), the chromatin integrity, the shape sperm head and the sperm head morphometry should be related, and several studies have been published.
( What the Japanese scientists developed is a new and easier way to choose the sex of offspring by separating X and Y sperm, a task heretofore considered complex and cumbersome.
The sperm's journey is fraught with obstacles, meaning the weaklings fall by the wayside and only the fittest survive to claim the prize of the ovum.
Research at Gagneux's lab at the  University of California, San Diego, revealed of a "secret handshake" between sperm and the cells lining the uterus. 
Sperm aneuploidy by FISH protocol: FISH was standardized based on Sarrate et al.
The research may explain a major cause of male infertility and open up the possibility of using sperm taken directly from the testicles to overcome infertility among males.
He said: "Sperm counts are declining at such a rapid rate it isn't just to do with genetics.
Some researchers believed that reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation increases during the cooling of sperm. (4) Therefore, many attempts have been made to attenuate the cold shock damages through the use of antioxidants.
However, not everyone seems to be a fan of men who treat sperm donation as some sort of hobby, no matter how altruistic their intentions may be.