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SPERMSpastic Paraplegia, Epilepsy, and Mental Retardation
SPERMSocial Political Economic Religious Military (model for classifying historical events and ideas)
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Experiment 1: We evaluated the best sperm selection technique for frozen semen according to sperm recovery rate and sperm motility.
Experiment 2: We evaluated the individual effect on sperm motility after percoll gradient selection for each cat.
The association between Computer-assisted Sperm Morphometry Analysis (CASMA) and statistical software have allowed cluster the spermatozoa according to morphometric parameters in morphometrically distinct subpopulations [8, 25, 36, 43].
The study showed a definitive link between male social status and the competition for sperm to the quality of their sperm, or how fast it could swim.
Researchers studied data from 185 studies, which collectively used data from 43,000 male respondents who provided sperm samples from 1971 to 2001.
Conclusion: Vitrification increased the rate of vacuolization in motile sperm head.
Extended sperm preparation: an alternative to testicular sperm extraction in nonobstructive azoospermia.
In certain fruit fly species, such as Drosophila bifurca, males measuring just a few millimeters produce sperm with a tail as long as 5.
Calcium plays an essential role in sperm motility and also in the membrane fusion process during acrosome reaction.
Different from total globozoospermia, which is characterized by 100% round-headed sperm, [sup][1],[2] partial globozoospermia has a large, but not total, proportion of round-headed sperm and even has morphologically normal sperm in one sperm sample.
For the definition of cryoconservation protocols becomes necessary to know several factors: sperm characteristics of the species, extender composition, sperm:extender ratio, cryoprotectant and dosage, cooling rate and thawing, equilibrium time and fertilization tests.