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SPESSouth Place Ethical Society (London, UK)
SPESStimulation Plan for Economic Science (EU)
SPESStored Program Element System (US DoD)
SPESSociedad Portuguesa de Energía Solar
SPESSandy Plains Elementary School (Baltimore County Public Schools, Maryland)
SPESStep Potential Electrochemical Spectroscopy
SPESSpotswood Elementary School (Virginia, USA)
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In contrast to the defensive tone and isolationist stance of much of Vatican rhetoric and writing throughout the previous century, Gaudium et Spes is remarkable because of its call for open engagement with the world.
SFAS 140 establishes conditions for the transfer of the securitized assets, and includes considerations for SPEs.
SPEs provided an opportunity for both summative and formative evaluations in the family and adult/geriatric nurse practitioner program.
The major accounting issue affecting SPEs is whether they should be consolidated and by whom.
Neppe later delineated a particular type of olfactory hallucination associated with SPEs that is pleasant and perfumy but commonly coexists with temporal lobe type hallucinations (Neppe, 1983a, 1983b).
Our serial lot analyses found that PC SPES lots manufactured from 1996 through the middle of 1999 contained indomethacin and diethylstilbestrol and that lots manufactured from the middle of 1999 through August 2001 contained progressively lower amounts of both substances and also had correspondingly decreased antineoplastic activity and estrogenicity," said Dr.
Spes Medica is an Italian company that designs, tests and distributes a wide range of neurodiagnostic tools and accessories.
In his new book, Gatholicism and Citizenship, theologian Massimo Faggioli rereads Gaudium et Spes for a new century and a new pontificate.
A year after, an Extra Judicial Settlement Among Heirs with Sale was again executed by and among Spes, Joy, Eva.
The three syntheses of mPEDOT polymers, as described previously in the "Synthesis of Methacrylate End-Capped Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) (mPEDOT)" section, were repeated introducing SPES as doping agent.
In contrast to operating entities, SPEs generally have few or no employees, little or no physical presence, and little or no production or economic activity.
The Church in the Modern World Fifty Years after Gaudium et spes.