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SPETSNAZSpetsialla'noye Naznayacheniye (Russian special forces)
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With it, Russian SPETsNAZ troops will have a significant advantage over Kalashnikov armed foes.
5 years) with the Russian military advisers, Soviet troops, and Spetsnaz (Special Operations) units.
In Sebastopol the Ukrainian corvette Ternopil has been surrounded by commandos and Spetsnaz who threaten to storm the vessel.
Nearby, Belbeck airbase was besieged by masked Spetsnaz men brandishing assault weapons.
World class shooters, former Green Berets even our token Soviet Spetsnaz vet quietly put the CPX-1 down and spent the rest of their time shooting the CPX-2.
It has proved popular with Spetsnaz and Alpha team Special Forces units.
The area was ringed by troops with Russian Spetsnaz special forces on standby.
One weapon selected by Spetsnaz forces, although originally intended for issue to Russian Interior Ministry (MVD) units, is the OTs-14 Groza special weapon system (the OTs- provides an indication that the weapon involved is for special operations).
Reorganized and reinforced, they were going to try to get their stuff back and in the process kill as many Shuravi Siyah Shaheed (Soviet Spetsnaz Soldiers) as they could.
The area is ringed by troops with Russian Spetsnaz special forces on standby.
The SAS, Seals, Spetsnaz and GSG9 are no longer the only special forces for youngsters to aspire to.