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SPETSNAZSpetsialla'noye Naznayacheniye (Russian special forces)
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The big takeaway with Spetsnaz and SSO is that the use of uniforms appears to be a fluid concept for many of these units, so identifying their actions provides a better picture of who they are.
Spetsnaz GRU is probably the most famous of the Russian SOF.
While the venerable AK-74M is still in service, its replacement has been adopted and is already issued to SPETsNAZ units Hard as it may seem to believe, the days of the Kalashnikov in Russian service may well be coming to an end.
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The land component of the RRF is based upon three motorized rifle brigades (MRB) and select SPETSNAZ units.
However, it is known that its scout divers, combat swimmers and marine Spetsnaz (Special Forces) troops make use of Protei-5 diver propulsion vehicles.
No sooner had Amin recovered than Soviet spetsnaz units stormed the Taj-Bek Palace outside Kabul, killing Amin in front of the doctor who had aided him and his family.
The scenario envisioned simulated air strikes by Soviet aircraft and ground attacks by Spetsnaz commando units, subjecting Spangdahlem to simulated destruction.
Some rescue teams such as SEAL Team Six, France's GIGN, Italy's Incursuri, Russia's Naval Spetsnaz, and the British SBS train for rescues which involve assaults from the ocean.
The Stechkin was issued to special soldiers like the Spetsnaz and some law enforcement personnel.
Russian SPETsNAZ (SpecOps) personnel are trained to push the magazine catch/release with the thumb of the left hand while slapping the base of the empty magazine at the rear with the loaded magazine it is replacing to speed a tactical reload.