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SPEWSociety for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare (Harry Potter books)
SPEWSexy Professional Exotic Wrestling
SPEWSocialist Party of England and Wales
SPEWSmall Projectile Emitter Weapon (video game weapon)
SPEWSpeaking Potter Every Week (Harry Potter podcast)
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Each scat and spew sample was placed in a plastic bag and frozen until it was analyzed in the laboratory.
VOLATILE: Ubinas in Peru spews out toxic fumes yesterday' UDDER MADNESS: Masked calf in Peru's Moquegua region
When a cow burps, it spews these gases into the air, where they react with sunlight and other compounds to produce a brownish haze called smog.
As most of this material careens inward, some of it also spews outward in a pair of jets.
Please, let's not take it upon ourselves to punish or spew hate toward our own fellow Americans, American-Middle Eastern and Muslim citizens who love our country and who are just as sick at heart as we all are over these terrorists' acts of hate.
Summary: Smoke has begun to spew from Mount Etna, as the Italian volcano erupted for the fourth time in 2012.
Many rotating stars, including the sun, spew X rays when magnetic fields rooted at their surface twist and snap.
The new plant is a lot more efficient, although it will still spew 180 tons of nitrous oxide into our air every year.
These volcanoes form by explosive eruptions' that spew different sizes of volcanic material--called tephra--high into the air.
About 60 eruptions occur each year, several of which spew ash clouds up to altitudes where they threaten aircraft, says Ed Miller, a retired airline pilot now at the Air Line Pilots Association in Herndon, Va.
When a JetHawk homers, a pair of space shuttles on the left field fence spew sparks - once almost searing a visiting outfielder who was chasing the outward-bound ball.
That's cold comfort for a world full of industries and automobiles that spew a seemingly ever-increasing amount of planet-warming greenhouse gases.