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SPEWSSpam Prevention Early Warning System
SPEWSSelf Protect Electronic Warfare System
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If one end of comet Hartley 2 spews out double the amount of dry ice than the other, it could mean that the two ends could have been formed in separate places in the early solar system, according to the scientists.
Spews have been analyzed for several species of pinnipeds (Gales et al.
DEEP-SEA VENTS Water that's been heated deep beneath the earth spews out of deep-sea vents.
Mishap spews brew on highway; Trucker leaves wake of busted beer bottles
Even if the rate at which the comet spews dust doesn't increase as it nears the sun, "it could still be a monster," says Harold A.
MiKES) in Ankara, Turkey, to design, develop and supply production high-voltage power supplies for the SPEWS II radar warning and jamming system.
A volcano's form depends on a) whether its eruption was quiet or explosive (or both), and b) the type of lava it spews.
The jet, most intense on Earth, annually spews enough lava to build a road that could circle the planet twice.
In that scenario, as matter falls onto a galactic black hole, the material releases huge amounts of energy that the galaxy then spews out.
The vents are called black smokers because dark clouds of mineral-rich, super-heated (up to 300 [degrees] C) sea water spews out of the chimney's top from beneath Earth's crust.
One Tehachapi pump spews enough water to fill a swimming pool in eight seconds.