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SPEWSSpam Prevention Early Warning System
SPEWSSelf Protect Electronic Warfare System
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"Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is a person who does not utter any good words for the people but only spews venom," said the Congress leader while addressing a meeting of his party workers here.
This spew has become the most powerful since the beginning of 2012.
If one end of comet Hartley 2 spews out double the amount of dry ice than the other, it could mean that the two ends could have been formed in separate places in the early solar system, according to the scientists.
Prey remains are obtained from stomach lavage and enema procedures from feces (scats) and regurgitations (spews), and from stomachs and gastrointestinal tracts.
Some 260 people were yesterday ordered to evacuate Querapi as the volcano continued to spew acid-laden ash and vapours into the sky in Peru's southern Andes.
It's not just cars and factories that spew air-polluting gases, A recent report says that dairy farms, and the cows that live there, may be the main source of air pollution in California's San Joaquin Valley,
This accretion process creates and sustains disks and narrow jets, whereas mergers destroy disks and spew only diffuse jets, if any, comments Barbara Whitney of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Boulder, Colo.
Kasbani, who goes by a single name, said the volcanic material that spewed out late Tuesday was the volcano's longest lava flow since it began erupting again in August.
After the US Defense Department issued a new policy early last year imposing restrictions on the integration of non-US EW systems onboard US-made aircraft, SSM reversed its earlier decision to fit EW systems from Thales (Paris, France) to its F-16s under the SPEWS II program (see "Citing US Policy, Turkey Reevaluates F-16 EW Contract," JED.
DEEP-SEA VENTS Water that's been heated deep beneath the earth spews out of deep-sea vents.
Even if the rate at which the comet spews dust doesn't increase as it nears the sun, "it could still be a monster," says Harold A.
A volcano's form depends on a) whether its eruption was quiet or explosive (or both), and b) the type of lava it spews. Read the descriptions of the volcano formations below.