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SPFSun Protection Factor (sun block rating)
SPFSender Policy Framework (antispam initiative)
SPFStrategic Prevention Framework (US federal grant program)
SPFShortest Path First
SPFService Public Fédéral (Belgium)
SPFSpecific Pathogen Free
SPFSygate Personal Firewall
SPFSender Permitted From (email; now Sender Policy Framework)
SPFSecours Populaire Français
SPFSingle Point of Failure
SPFSpruce Pine Fir
SPFSasakawa Peace Foundation (Japan)
SPFSkin Protection Factor
SPFServicio Penitenciario Federal (Spanish; Argentina)
SPFSuperplastic Forming (metallurgy)
SPFSingle Point Failure
SPFSociété Préhistorique Française (French: French Prehistoric Society; est. 1904)
SPFSystem Productivity Facility (system used in TSO to create and edit data)
SPFStandard Project Flood
SPFServicio Público Federal (Mexico)
SPFSuper Frame (ITU-T)
SPFStructured Programming Facility
SPFSkagitonians to Preserve Farmland (Mount Vernon, WA)
SPFSociété de Psychanalyse Freudienne (French: Freudian Psychoanalysis Society; est. 1994)
SPFSmartPlant Foundation (Intergraph)
SPFSystem Programming Facility
SPFSpace Power Facility (NASA)
SPFStile Project Forum
SPFSoftware Production Facility (NASA)
SPFSlide Presentation File (EnerGraphics file extension)
SPFSwiss Peace Foundation
SPFStandard Parasitic Format
SPFSold Pending Funds
SPFSubscriber Plant Factor
SPFSodium Process Facility
SPFSpecial Programs File
SPFSynthetic Phase Fraction
SPFSpecial Purpose Force
SPFSecurity Police Flight
SPFSignal Processing Facility
SPFStrategic Projection Force
SPFSIDPERS Personnel File
SPFScience Policy Foundation (United Kingdom)
SPFSensor Fusion Post
SPFShipper Paid Forwarding (US Postal Service program for payments)
SPFS&P Food Industries (Malaysia)
SPFSite Population Factor
SPFStair Pressurization Fan (mechanical services)
SPFStealthy Packet Filter (Firewall)
SPFSpecialist Portfolio (New York Stock Exchange)
SPFScientific Primates Filipinas, Inc
SPFSpecial Performance File
SPFSpare Parts File
SPFSpecial Function Memory
SPFSignal on Protection Fiber
SPFSingle Point of Filing
SPFStandard Plume Flowfield code
SPFSingle Project Funded
SPFSabaragamu Peoples' Foundation (Sri Lanka)
SPFSingapore Police Force
SPFStrategic Policy Framework (various nations)
SPFSpray-applied Polyurethane Foam
SPFSpecial Projects Fund (various organizations)
SPFSouth Pacific Forum
SPFStandard Pacific Corporation (stock symbol)
SPFSharePoint Foundation (web platform)
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Its DD Creme offers buildable coverage with an ultra-smoothing finish, while providing SPF 25 for daily defense from the sun while the complementing DD Concealer disguises and diminishes the appearance of dark circles, discoloration, redness, blemishes, and other skin flaws with age-defying antioxidants to protect delicate and damage-prone areas of the face.
Dr Batra explained that due to this common misconception that using higher SPF sunscreen will offer more protection, may people often spend more time in the sun under the belief their skin is protected.
Although they didn't meet their SPF claims, CR said that three sunscreens still had an SPF higher than 30 and were "worth considering.
As a result, some women sacrifice SPF protection for a favorite moisturizer or rely on low levels of protection from makeup.
Nearly nine out of 10 women (86%) feel that SPF protection as a beauty product attribute is somewhat or extremely important in their decision to buy that product, according to results of a May survey by The Benchmarking Company.
Europe is expected to be the fastest growing region for SPF market during the forecast period.
Bayer MaterialScience LLC developed the Applicator Fundamentals Program to promote the use of SPF insulation and roofing in residential and commercial applications.
The products -- Sun Screen Gel SPF 15, Sun Block Cream SPF 25, Surya Sandal Lotion SPF 30, Hydrophobic Sun Block SPF 40 and Lip Shield SPF 10 -- offer varying Sun Protection Factors, features which help determine how long one can stay before getting sunburn.
Biotherm offers maximum but gentle screen with its Sun Sensitive Face Cream with SPF 50 (pounds 20) and Sun Sensitive Eye Cream with SPF 30 (pounds 19)
Easy to apply, and available from SPF 30+ to SPF 50+, SUNSENSE is suitable for children, adults and those with sensitive skin conditions.
2-2002 for evaluation of MDF panels for interior application, the modulus of rupture (MOR) of panels made from larch or SPF both met the requirement of Grade 120.