SPFAShortest Path Faster Algorithm (graphs)
SPFASpray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (trade organization)
SPFASyndicat des Producteurs de Films d'Animation (French film producers association)
SPFASteel Plate Fabricators Association (Geneva, Illinois)
SPFASingle Point Failure Analysis
SPFASolidarite Protestante France-Armenie (French: Protestant Solidarity France-Armenia)
SPFAFireman Apprentice, Steam Propulsionman Striker (USN rating)
SPFASingle Parent Family Association Inc. (Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, Australia)
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SPFA honored SPF contractor USI in the "Residential Wall" category for its NextGen Net Zero/Healthy Home.
Bayer will work with the SPFA to improve the current certification program, as well as expand its coverage to include contractor companies, distributors, and manufacturers.
Hills - SPFA player of the year award: 4-5 S Brown, 4 S Davis, 5 P Mendes, 6 M Bougherra, 7 S McDonald, 12 J McCarthy, 14 A Driver, 16 bar.
The SPFA and its parent body the GMB has long been concerned about the un orthodox managerial and employment practices at the club and the effects that this had had on the professional and personal welfare of the SPFA members at the club.
THE SPFA claim that players in Scotland have the most restrictive working conditions in Western Europe.
To have a couple nominated for the prestigious SPFA Award is a credit to everyone at the club.
He has enlisted the help of SPFA chief Tony Higgins, who will be appealing on the 35-year-old's behalf.
Plans are being made through the French animation producers union SPFA to send an envoy of French animation specialists to the Hiroshima Animation Festival next August to investigate the Japanese market and hopefully put the two countries together on future projects.
It's believed union bosses at the SPFA have been outraged by Green's hardball tactics and - unless the SFA step in to sanction the moves - they will be prepared to fight fire with fire by taking the matter straight to court.
Steven, 25, recently named SPFA Player of the Year, added: "Tracey looks absolutely stunning.
The SPFA will make a plea on March 31 when Dunfermline's new plastic pitch will be debated at Hampden by the SPL.