SPFDSanta Paula Fire Department (est. 1903; Santa Paula, CA)
SPFDScalar Potential Finite-Difference
SPFDStiffened Plate Floor Deck (construction)
SPFDSmashing Pumpkins Fan Database
SPFDSelf-Powered Flux Detector
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The numerical implementation of the SPFD method requires the three-dimensional computational domain (e.
The SPFD method described above was implemented in Matlab[TM].
Matlab[TM] was chosen to implement the SPFD method for its capability of handling large matrixes and vectors.
SPFD regularly inspects local buildings, collects information about structure, function and contents, and generates reports for local, state and federal agencies.
SPFD runs the software on a LAN with 17 IBM-compatible PCs at the central fire station.
At the end of 1991, SPFD evaluated Microcom's Cellular Data Link (CDL) 300, a V.