SPFDSanta Paula Fire Department (est. 1903; Santa Paula, CA)
SPFDScalar Potential Finite-Difference
SPFDStiffened Plate Floor Deck (construction)
SPFDSmashing Pumpkins Fan Database
SPFDSelf-Powered Flux Detector
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Caption: Figure 1--Solar photon flux distribution (SPFD) outside, inside the net house, and under the influence of colored shade nets (A), measured between 11:00 and 13:00 h.
The calculation of the current in the dental tissues was carried out with the SPFD method, which is described in detail in [4, 5].
The application of the SPFD to the problem of calculating the current generated in the dental tissues involves two modifications of the general formulation, as in [10-12].
The numerical implementation of the SPFD method requires the three-dimensional computational domain (e.g., the conducting body) to be discretized into a set of elementary parallelepipeds or voxels; within each voxel the electrical properties of the material are assumed constant.
The SPFD method described above was implemented in Matlab[TM].
Matlab[TM] was chosen to implement the SPFD method for its capability of handling large matrixes and vectors.
"SPFD was vocal about using solar LED lights from the get-go," recalls lighting designer Jeremy Van Lith, Escent Lighting division of MW Consulting Engineers, Spokane.
SPFD combined Norwood, Mass.-based Microcom's cellular modem technology with a Novell NetWare LAN (local area network), allowing firefighters to access information such as building design and the location of hazardous materials.
SPFD began examining cellular data connectivity two years ago.
A second limitation of mobile radio was an inability to access the SPFD's computers.
SPFD runs the software on a LAN with 17 IBM-compatible PCs at the central fire station.
At the end of 1991, SPFD evaluated Microcom's Cellular Data Link (CDL) 300, a V.22bis modem housed in a Mitsubishi Series 1500 transportable cellular phone.