SPFPSingle-Precision Floating-Point (computer programming)
SPFPSingle Point Failure Potential
SPFPSaxitoxin Puffer Fish Poisoning (food poisoning syndrome)
SPFPShortest Path First Protocol
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The researchers dried SPFP slices in hot air at 60 C, 70 C, 80 C and 90 C, and measured and modeled quality changes--moisture and anthocyanin content.
The mathematical sigmoid model can estimate the grinding time required for certain amounts of SPFP powders with the required average particle size.
To the best of our knowledge, IPFP and SPFP volumes have not been characterized in secondary causes of OA, in particular, hemophilic arthropathy.
The Kruskal-Wallis test was used to assess differences in IPFP and SPFP volumes among the three groups.
After the initial 2002 saxitoxin puffer fish poisoning (SPFP) events, 11 southern puffer fish were divided into the tissue compartments (listed above), and tissue samples were extracted by boiling in 0.1 N HCl (Washington Seafood Laboratory) and analyzed for toxic activity using three independent methods.
During 36 months of continuous monitoring after the initial SPFP events, STXs were routinely detected in the skin, muscle, viscera, and gonads of 516 puffer fish (southern, n = 402; checkered, n = 105; bandtail, n = 9), which tested toxic in MBA, RBA, Ridascreen ELISA, and MIST Alert assays.
The Creative Skillset Cymru Apprenticeship programme is supported by PS1.1m from the Welsh Government's Sector Priorities Fund Programme (SPFP) which is partfunded by the European Social Fund.
The project - being funded by the Welsh Government's Sector Priorities Fund Pilot (SPFP) programme, through the European Social Fund - is being delivered locally through the National Skills Academy for Retail (NSAR) with Acorn delivering one-day courses as part of its skills shop contract.
Three such apprenticeship frameworks have been introduced in Wales for the first time through the Welsh Government's Sector Priority Fund Pilot (SPFP) programme, supported by European Structural Funds.
The report "Research into Transformational Change", funded by the Welsh Government's Sector Priorities Fund Pilot (SPFP), looked at training needs among construction employers in Wales specifically to review the relevance and suitability of provision at meeting employers' future needs.
An example of this is the ConstructionSkills-led Delivering Low Carbon Skills Project, in partnership with Asset Skills, SummitSkills and Energy & Utility Skills and supported by the Welsh Government's Sector Priorities Fund Pilot (SPFP) programme, with additional support from the European Social Fund (ESF).