SPFPSingle-Precision Floating-Point (computer programming)
SPFPSingle Point Failure Potential
SPFPSaxitoxin Puffer Fish Poisoning (food poisoning syndrome)
SPFPShortest Path First Protocol
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The mathematical sigmoid model can estimate the grinding time required for certain amounts of SPFP powders with the required average particle size.
As the particle size of the mashed SPFPs increased, their friction coefficient increased, and storage and loss modulus decreased.
We propose that the food-poisoning syndrome caused by intoxication from STX exposure from fish should be characterized as SPFP to distinguish it from PFP, which is caused by--but not always verified to be from--TTX, and to distinguish SPFP from PSP associated with STXs in shellfish.
However, until the IRL SPFP incidents, the Atlantic/Caribbean P.
The significant risk of SPFP and PSP from saxitoxins in the IRL has been assessed and management plans implemented accordingly.