SPFPSSingle-Player First Person Shooter (type of video game)
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Assessment of the nine cases (mean 17 and 10 slices per case for IPFP and SPFP volume measurements, resp.) analyzed by both the medical student and radiologist yielded no significant differences (IPFP, p = 0.393; SPFP, p = 0.282).
In this study we sought to evaluate IPFP and SPFP volumes and their determinants in hemophilic arthropathy, as well as the extent to which volumes may differ from usual OA.
The volumes of IPFP and SPFP appeared overall quite similar between patients with hemophilia, an age- and gender-matched control group without hemophilia or OA ("control cohort"), and a gender- and OA-matched group without hemophilia ("OA cohort").
First, the fact that SPFP volume, but not IPFP volume, expanded disproportionally in relation to weight indicates that fat pads in joints are not equal and appear to react differently to certain stimuli.
In contradistinction to the better studied IPFP, little is known regarding SPFP volume changes in relation to weight or arthritic conditions, and, to date, SPFP volume has not been quantitatively investigated.
This study is the first to evaluate both IPFP and SPFP volumes simultaneously, and our results provide evidence of a biological difference between the two intra-articular fat pads that appear at least in part influenced by the underlying arthritic condition.
Past research efforts have been geared more towards the exploration of biology, mechanics, and volume changes of the IPFP rather than SPFP, possibly due to its involvement in several orthopedic conditions like impingement syndrome.
In conclusion, IPFP and SPFP volumes are positively associated with weight.
Caption: Figure 1: T1-weighted MR images showing different infrapatellar fat pad (IPFP) and suprapatellar fat pad (SPFP) appearances.