SPFSSimple Parallel File System
SPFSScotch Parallel File System
SPFSScalable Parallel File System
SPFSSpecial Programme for Food Security
SPFSSurface Plasmon Fluorescence Spectroscopy
SPFSSouth Pacific Forum Secretariat (now Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat; Suva, Fiji)
SPFSSpastic Pelvic Floor Syndrome (gastroenterology)
SPFSSchool Performance Feedback System
SPFSSmallest Possible Feature Set
SPFSSpectrum Protect File System (software)
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House leaders were urged to look carefully at suspicious lump sums in the budget submitted by the Duterte administration, particularly the P1.7-trillion special purpose fund (SPF), a large portion of which would be under the control of the President.
He told Happi, "When it comes to skin care products containing SPF, many shoppers are looking for lightweight formulas.
The in vivo sun protection factor (SPF) of the products was never in question, despite suggestions to the contrary in the popular media (and even in SAMF).
Available in SPF 30 or 50, its 50ml size means there is no excuse for leaving it at home.
"Most people only put on 75% as much as is used in SPF testing, so they're getting 25% less value," says Heidi Waldorf, director of laser and cosmetic dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, noting that even the top-rated blockers cannot work adequately if not enough is applied.
Even though there's not been much sunshine recently, it is essential that you use a moisturiser with a SPF of at least 15.
The SPFS was begun in 1994 and endorsed at the 1996 World Food Summit, where delegates called for a halving of the number of malnourished people in the world by the year 2015, The program aims to improve nations' food security through rapid increases in food production and productivity, by reducing year-to-year variability in food production, and by improving people's access to food.
Under the monograph manufacturers whose products have higher SPFs would be allowed to add the word "plus" or a plus sign to their labels.
The SPF ratings range from two to 15 and the number indicates the strength of the sun screen - that is how much longer you can stay in the sun after applying the cream and not get burned.
Keep in mind that invisible sunscreens even those with high SPFs (they go as high as 50) -- do not prevent damage to the skin, they merely slow down the process.
Because sunburns in childhood are a risk factor for skin cancer much later in life, it's important to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to fair-skinned children beginning at six months.
Limiting SPFs by limiting the amount of sunscreen allowed in the product.