SPGCScottish Pharmaceutical General Council (pharmacy contractor representative body)
SPGCSouth Pars Gas Complex (Iran)
SPGCStrong Perfect Graph Conjecture (mathematics)
SPGCSundridge Park Golf Club (Kent, England, UK)
SPGCShanghai Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China)
SPGCStockwood Park Golf Club (UK)
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According to National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), Hassani said the petrochemical plants operating near the facility consume 8,000 tons of ethane produced by SPGC every day, adding the amount can increase up to 10,000 tons/day.
The NER consists of Beijing and Tianjin municipalities, Liaoning, Shandong and Hebei provinces (CCPIE, 1995; NTDB, 1996; MIMS, 1998; SPGC, 1999).
Further, the announcements stipulate that SPGC and Kingda shall immediately terminate any purchase and sales agreements, withdraw bids for any projects, and cease the supply of Weir Licensed Products with parties outside of China.
The environmentally friendly solution features high-efficiency power supply, SPGC pre-plated steel with minimal paint, and lockable drive carriers design, providing users with a cost-effective yet reliable solution ideally suited for a broad range of applications.
It must be noted that SPGC supplies 40 percent of Iran's natural gas, he concluded.
The 3rd, 4th and 5th refineries of SPGC are currently supplying Jam Petrochemical Plant with butane.
Masoud Hassani said SPGC has reduced the time needed for its overhaul which led to the company's raised gas output by 2.
The 5th refinery of SPGC has set a record in sweetening 15.
Speaking on the sidelines of a visit from the complex by a working group from the International Gas Union (IGU), Hassanit said SPGC has plans to boost its share in the country's gas output to 82% by offering 850 mcm/d by 2018.
Gas production from SPGC would soar to 430 mcm/d and to 750 mcm/d by March 2018, Hassani said recently.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's South Pars Gas Complex Managing-Director Ali Akbar Shabanpour praised SPGC experts and engineers for their efforts to implement and upgrade the country's energy projects, saying that his company is currently producing almost half of the country's gas output.
9 million loan agreement has been signed by the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) in favor of the Samra Power Generation Company (SPGC) to cover extra expenses required for the third phase of the SPGC expansion project.