SPGRSpoiled Gradient Recalled
SPGRSpecific Gravity
SPGRSprenggranate (German: Explosive Shell)
SPGRSystematizing Person-Group Relations
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Eklem kikirdagini degerlendirmede, yag baskili FSE T2, FSE PD ve yag baskilama teknigi eklenmis 3D SPGR sekanslari en dogru bilgiyi veren ve rutin olarak kullanilabilen sekanslar olarak tanimlanmaktadir (4,9).
Abbreviations: 3-D = three-dimensional, AASDD = age-associated striatal dopaminergic denervation, ANCOVA = analysis of covariance, BMI = body mass index, DAT = dopamine transporter, ICD-9 = International Classification of Diseases-9th Revision, MMSE = Mini-Mental State Examination, MR = magnetic resonance, MRI = MR imaging, PD = Parkinson disease, PET = positron emission tomography, SD = standard deviation, SPGR = spoiled gradient recall, UPDRS = Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VOI = volume of interest.
3D SPGR MRI Quantitative Assessment: Increase in cartilage volume of whole joint as early as 12 weeks after the therapy, and confirmed significant increase (P<0.
THRIVE SPGR sequences with fat saturation without and with contrast.
Tenders are invited for License to use a computer application for tax, collection and inspection management, and implementation and start-up services for exploitation by the SPGR
Post-contrast VIBE and 2D SPGR images with saturation are also obtained.
Common Body MRI Sequences Siemens GE Fast spin-echo Turbo SE Fast SE Single-shot fast spin-echo HASTE SS-FSE with half-Fourier acquisition 2D spoiled gradient-echo FLASH SPGR 3D spoiled gradient-echo * VIBE FAME Balanced steady state gradient-echo TrueFISP FIESTA Philips Toshiba Fast spin-echo Turbo SE Fast SE Single-shot fast spin-echo SS-FSE FASE with half-Fourier acquisition 2D spoiled gradient-echo T1-FFE T1-FFE 3D spoiled gradient-echo * THRIVE 3D QUICK Balanced steady state gradient-echo Balanced FFE True-SSFP GE = GE Healthcare, a division of General Electric Company.
Post treatment contrast enhanced SPGR sequences were acquired which showed a non-perfused volume of 72cc (fig.
However, 3-dimensional SPGR is not typically included in imaging protocols because of decreased contrast between the cartilage and the adjacent joint fluid, long imaging times, increased metallic artifact (in the case of a post-surgical knee), and uneven fat suppression, even though it is considered standard for morphologic imaging of cartilage.
1-3) TOF pulse sequences are SPGR or GRE acquisitions performed sequentially, i.
6 90 62 256 x 192 Ax T2W FSE 4000 100 -- 15 256 x 256 Ax Dyn GRE 3D min min 15 31 256 x 160 Sag SPGR 22 min 30 12 256 x 160 Pulse sequence Slice Fat suppression NEX FOV Cor SSFSE 5 x 0 No 0.
5 Further characterization or staging of malignancy 3D TOF SPGR Axial min/min 200 31 GRASS Axial 30/6 33.