SPGTStrong Perfect Graph Theorem (established by Claude Berge in 1963)
SPGTSuspiciously-Pathological Glucose Tolerance
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Tenders are invited for ,, delivery and installation of professional kitchen equipment "Delivery is SPGT needs for project activities ,, Synchronization of practical training with the dynamic development of the profession-guarantee of a successful career," NP ,, provision of modern educational environment "module ,, Modernization of the system of vocational education.
11) The systems are Belgium ELLIPS (Belgium), KRONOS (Denmark), RTGSplus (Germany), HERMES (Greece), SLBE (Spain), EP RTGS (Estonia), TBF (France), IRIS (Ireland), New BIREL (Italy), LIPS-Gross (Luxembourg), TOP (the Netherlands), Artis (Austria), SORBNET-EURO (Poland), SPGT (Portugal), Payments System (Slovenia), BoF-RTGS (Finland), and CHAPS (United Kingdom).