SPGVSweet Potato G Potyvirus
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Dunnett test was applied to compare the results of control diet with each inclusion level of SPGV and SPGM (SAMPAIO, 1998).
Rates for physical, chemical and energy composition and for SPGV and SPGM glycerin (Table 1) were lower than those by Berenchtein et al.
1]) associated with the use of glycerin vs semipurified glycerin (kg) (Figure 1) showed that SPGV and SPGM had ME equivalent to 3,373 and 2,932 Kcal [kg.
Total fatty acids levels in SPGV were higher than those in SPGM, which provided higher energy value than SPGV (3,373 kcal ME [kg.
Results of economic analysis (Table 5) showed that in the case of SPGV and SPGM there was no change (p > 0.