SPHCSouthern Pacific Hotel Corporation (various locations)
SPHCScottish Passivhaus Centre (German: Scottish Passive House Center; UK)
SPHCSierra Paint Horse Club (California)
SPHCSaskatchewan Paint Horse Club (Sonningdale, Saskatchewan, Canada)
SPHCShanghai Public Health Center (China)
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SPHC] is the volume of solvent displaced by SPHC and [M.
It could be readily blended with the stock solution and well distributed in the SPHC, yielding a homogeneous SPHC.
Figures 1 and 2 shows the SEM pictures of SPHC and CSPH.
Increased concentration of NaCMC prevented the bubbles from escaping from the solution mixture as well as it decreases the pore size of SPHC.
A SPHC should be able to withstand the pressure expected in the stomach during repeated gastric contractions, especially the housekeeper waves.
The mechanical stability of CSPH is too poor, the presence of NaCMC improved mechanical stability, which prevent the breakage of SPHC during gastric contraction.
Table 3: Swelling parameters of SPHCs Batch In DDW Size of swollen Swelling SPHC ([mm.
The objective for the current investigation was to synthesis SPHCs containing carboxylmethylcellulose sodium (NaCMC) as a composite material to improve the characteristics of CSPHs.
Dried SPHCs were cut to expose their inner structure and used for SEM studies.
Dried SPHCs were used for density measurements, which actually show the apparent densities.
The dried SPHCs were used to determine their equilibrium swelling ratio in DDW and SGF.
RPM has negotiated an amendment to its credit facilities that allows for the SPHC and Bondex chapter 11 filings.