SPHCSouthern Pacific Hotel Corporation (various locations)
SPHCScottish Passivhaus Centre (German: Scottish Passive House Center; UK)
SPHCSierra Paint Horse Club (California)
SPHCSaskatchewan Paint Horse Club (Sonningdale, Saskatchewan, Canada)
SPHCShanghai Public Health Center (China)
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Facial myokymia, HFS, and SPHC are not pathomneumonic for multiple sclerosis.
Progressive SPHC has been seen in brainstem tumors [2, 3].
Karandreas, "Spastic paretic hemifacial contracture (SPHC) in a patient with multiple sclerosis.
On May 31, 2010, Bondex and its parent, SPHC, filed voluntary petitions for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the U.S.
Compare also Nectar Ltd v SPHC Operations (NZ) Ltd (HC Auckland CL20/02, 7 May 2003) [118] (per Harrison J): 'A cynical defendant could deliberately act without legal advice, knowingly that it would not be bound by its conduct if events did not work out as planned or expected.
More than drawing from smallpox eradication as a model of success, however, SPHC's promise of cost-effectiveness flourished in the 1980s context of tight budgets and the ascendant dominance of AngloAmerican pro-corporate, neo-conservatism (later neoliberalism).
where, [V.sub.SPHC] is the volume of solvent displaced by SPHC and [M.sub.SPHC] is the mass of SPHC.
In the synthesis procedure of SPHC, AA and AM are the monomers.
Figures 1 and 2 shows the SEM pictures of SPHC and CSPH.
A SPHC should be able to withstand the pressure expected in the stomach during repeated gastric contractions, especially the housekeeper waves.
Superporous hydrogel composites (SPHCs) based on Ac-Di-Sol [24], carbopol [25] and o-carboxymethyl chitosan [26], as the second generation of SPHs, resulted in improvement of the properties of SPH.
The deconsolidation occurred when SPHC and Bondex International, Inc., a non-operating subsidiary of SPHC, filed Chapter 11 proceedings in Delaware on May 31, 2010.