SPHLSouthern Professional Hockey League
SPHLLoad Sp with Hl
SPHLSchool of Public Health (multiple locations)
SPHLState Public Health Laboratory (various states)
SPHLScottish Premier Hockey League (UK)
SPHLSelf Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat
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The NHC is now the only enclosed and fixed facility in the UK that is able to support the reception of new-generation 24-man SPHLs.
The Swordfish with its new surface diving system, the upgraded saturation diving system, dual 70 and 150 Te active heave compensated (AHC) cranes, heavy duty work-class XLS ROV and its own dedicated SPHL and HRF will be the most advanced DSV in this region and enable us to tackle the most challenging IRM and light construction projects for any operator.
Seventeen states reported data by the month isolates were received at the SPHL.
availability and type of Escherichia coli 0157:H7 testing in SPHLs during 1988
Agreed to terms with F Jeremiah Ketts on an SPHL three-game tryout.
PEORIA RIVERMEN -- Signed LW Justin Gvora to an SPHL contract and RW Paul Chiasson to a three-game tryout contract.
PEORIA RIVERMEN -- Signed W Matt Viola to an SPHL contract.
PEORIA RIVERMEN -- Signed Fs Alexandre Mentink and Tyler Pilmore and G Chris Carrozzi to SPHL contracts.
PEORIA -- Signed F/D Nick Metcalfe to an SPHL contract.
The 2011 APHL Annual Report of All-Hazards Preparedness includes information on how SPHLs prepare for and respond to all hazards and threats including intentional and natural biological, chemical, and radiological threats; disease outbreaks; disasters; and food emergencies.
As the industry adapts to new guidelines and upgrades existing evacuation systems, we estimate that there will be demand for approximately 20 to 30 SPHLs per year.