SPHPSociety for the Protection of the Health of Patients (Pennsylvania)
SPHPSimple Php
SPHPStudent Psychological Health Project (University of Leicester; UK)
SPHPSwiss Project for Horticultural Promotion
SPHPSmoking as a Public Health Problem
SPHPState Police Health Program (Pennsylvania)
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En este caso, SPHU demuestra ser significativamente mejor que SPHP (Z = -1,969; p = ,049) y sobre todo mejor que SCL (Z = -3,094; p = ,002).
En nuestro estudio, SPHP y SPHU estan basados en una metodologia conglomerativa combinada (metodo jerarquico + metodo de optimizacion) que algunos autores (Ketchen y Shook, 1996; Picon, Varela, y Real, 2003; Punj y Stewart, 1983) consideran que logra mejorar la clasificacion de los sujetos en los segmentos respecto a la utilizacion de alguno de estos metodos por separado.
SOLID FINANCIAL PROFILE: As of June 30, 2012 (six-months; unaudited), SPHP had a solid financial profile highlighted by good balance sheet metrics and operational profitability resulting in strong maximum annual debt service (MADS) coverage.
ENHANCED MARKET POSITION: Upon completion of the merger, SPHP became the market share leader with a 41.
WHAT WOULD TRIGGER AN UPGRADE: Positive rating movement to the 'A' category could occur if SPHP continues on its positive financial track, and successfully consolidates/integrates key organizational functions while beginning to realize benefits of last year's merger, and creates an obligated group composed of all SPHP's major entities, which would provide additional security to bondholders.
Peter's Health Care Services, Northeast Health, and Seton Health in October 2011 to form SPHP.
Specifically, through the six-month interim period (June 2012), SPHP recorded $12.
The Positive Rating Outlook reflects Fitch's belief that SPHP will continue to accrue benefits resultant from the organization's merger.
SPHP is the largest comprehensive care network in the Capital Region providing the full spectrum of hospital-based services, long-term care, hospice, rehab and elderly care with four acute care hospitals and more than 1,000 physicians in its physician network at 125 locations.
Senior management has estimated that it will take approximately three years to achieve full integration of the three systems, but given the size and breadth of services within SPHP, this merger has the potential to develop into a successful coordinated care network which will encourage economies of scale and improved utilization of resources at a lower cost with better quality outcomes.