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SPHSSheppard Pratt Health System (Maryland)
SPHSSan Pedro High School (California)
SPHSSouth Pasadena High School (California)
SPHSSeverna Park High School
SPHSSpain Park High School (Hoover, Alabama)
SPHSSan Pasqual High School (California)
SPHSSt. Petersburg High School (Florida)
SPHSSun Prairie High School (Wisconsin)
SPHSSouth Point High School (various locations)
SPHSSuncoast Polytechnical High School (Florida)
SPHSSparrows Point High School (Baltimore, Maryland)
SPHSSouth Park High School (USA)
SPHSSouth Panola High School (Batesville, MS)
SPHSState Public Health System
SPHSSt Peter High School (Minnesota)
SPHSSt Paul's High School (Winnipeg, Canada)
SPHSSouth Putnam High School (Indiana)
SPHSStockwell Park High School (London, England)
SPHSSeverely/Profoundly Handicapped Students
SPHSSaint Petersburg High School (Florida)
SPHSSister of Providence Health System
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Given the paucity of SPHS in leptospirosis case reports from Hawaii, potential sentinel cases may be harbingers of more virulent disease expression.
Vigilant national surveillance is needed to determine further emergence of SPHS in Hawaii.
Smith Construction, SPHS is notable for both the visible and the hidden elements of its innovative concept.
On that visit, I was hosted by the dynamic and eloquent SPHS principal, Dr.
Also a credit concern are the historical operating losses SPHS experienced from fiscal 2003 to fiscal 2007, averaging a $1.
SPHS provides various mental health treatment services at numerous facilities around the state of Maryland.
There is a general belief that after the onset of severe complications such as ARF and SPHS, antimicrobial therapy is unable to improve prognosis and survival depends on adequate supportive therapy.
ARF has been the major cause of death in leptospirosis for a century while in some parts of the world the emergence of SPHS increased the rate of deaths due to pulmonary hemorrhage.
SPHS is associated with fatality rates of >50% and in certain settings, has replaced Weil's disease as the cause of death among leptospirosis patients (7-10).
The factors responsible for SPHS and its emergence are not well understood.
The Stable Rating Outlook is based on SPHS's strong clinical reputation and growing services and expectation that SPHS will improve its performance over the short term.
In the Sao Paulo urban setting, SPHS is a common feature of leptospirosis.