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SPIASingle Premium Immediate Annuity
SPIASchool of Public and International Affairs (Virginia Tech)
SPIAStandards Profile for Imagery Access
SPIASmall Payload Interface Adapter
SPIAScanner Power Interface Assembly
SPIAStandard Profile for Imagery Archives
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Table 1 displays some numerical values for a basic SPIA (immediate) and ALDA (deferred) annuity factor, under the GM (m = 86.
What's Next: Combined sales of SPIAs and DIAs are projected to double by 2018.
In other words, replacing bonds with a SPIA solved three of the four inflation-adjusted retirement income risks: the risks of equity sequence of returns, bond-yield sequence of returns and longevity risk.
Although Dyer testified that he believed the SPIA returned about a 2 percent to 3 percent interest rate, the Superintendent found that Dyer had told the client that the SPIA would return a 6 percent to 7 percent interest rate.
To maximize income and liquidity without a trade-off, think SPIA.
Certainly, SPIA is currently one of the most important airport construction projects in China to date.
While adjusted operating income is below our expectations due to lower SPIA mortality and increased costs associated with the strategic review process, the overall fundamentals of our business remain solid and we are well-positioned to continue to deliver value for our distribution partners, policy owners and shareholders.
If necessary, based on any increase in premiums, we will purchase an additional SPIA in order to fund the increase going forward.
That's because a SPIA owned by and payable to the healthy stay-at-home community spouse will generally not be considered a "countable asset" for purposes of qualifying the institutionalized spouse for Medicaid.
Guardian launched its SPIA in June 2010, in time to coincide with new interest in a product that traditionally had been shunned by advisers.
We may take a portion of that $100,000 and place it into a five-year SPIA single premium immediate annuity (SPIA).
SPIA amplification was implemented for global genomic DNA amplification and for the amplification of specific genomic sequences and synthetic oligonucleotide DNA targets.