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SPIASingle Premium Immediate Annuity
SPIAStandards Profile for Imagery Archives
SPIASchool of Public and International Affairs (Virginia Tech)
SPIAStandards Profile for Imagery Access
SPIASmall Payload Interface Adapter
SPIAScanner Power Interface Assembly
SPIAStandard Profile for Imagery Archives
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In other words, replacing bonds with a SPIA solved three of the four inflation-adjusted retirement income risks: the risks of equity sequence of returns, bond-yield sequence of returns and longevity risk.
Although Dyer testified that he believed the SPIA returned about a 2 percent to 3 percent interest rate, the Superintendent found that Dyer had told the client that the SPIA would return a 6 percent to 7 percent interest rate.
In the case study, John will use the $1 million in his IRA to have the IRA purchase a SPIA with a joint life payout for him and Judy.
People are thinking they can't get anything from a fixed annuity or a certificate of deposit, but with an SPIA they can get a decent income stream that is guaranteed," Dubitsky said.
To maximize income and liquidity without a trade-off, think SPIA.
The quantification of target nucleic acids and amplification, SPIA, and Ribo-SPIA products is expressed as the threshold cycle (Ct) value as determined by real-time PCR (TagMan or SYBR Green I).
China plans to construct 35 new airports during the next five years, with three or four as big as SPIA.
The company said, "ICTSI's capital expenditures for 2017 are expected to be approximately $240 million, excluding the groups estimated share on the joint venture project with PSA amounting to $25 million to complete the development of the Port of Buenaventura at SPIA.
This is especially true if the SPIA incorporates inflation protection in the form of a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).
In a statement, ICTSI said SPIA has received four super post Panamax quay cranes (QC) and five rubber-tired gantries (RTG) manufactured by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co.
To avoid that disaster, sell the parent a SPIA, using Life/20 year certain and immediatelt ANNUITIZE it-do not use a lifetime withdrawal plan that might allow the beneficiary to commute the monthly income to a lump sum.
That's because a SPIA owned by and payable to the healthy stay-at-home community spouse will generally not be considered a "countable asset" for purposes of qualifying the institutionalized spouse for Medicaid.