SPIBSignal Processing Information Base
SPIBSouthern Pine Inspection Bureau
SPIBSindicat de Periodistes de Les Illes Balears (Catalan: Union of Journalists of the Balearic Islands; Spain)
SPIBScottish Poisons Information Bureau (UK)
SPIBScripta Pontificii Instituti Biblici (Latin; Italian scripture institute; Rome, Italy)
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Gene name Gene description MAP3K7 Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 7 HDAC9 Histone deacetylase 9 CFTR Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator ETHE1 Ethylmalonic encephalopathy 1 MCM3AP Minichromosome maintenance deficient 3 associated protein SPIB Spi-B transcription factor WT1 Wilms' tumor 1 BID BH3 interacting domain death agonist C1QTNF3 Clq and tumor necrosis factor related protein 3 S0D2 Superoxide dismutase 2 SFRS1 Splicing factor, arginine/serine-rich 1 UBE2N Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2N Gene name Glycyrrhizin Silymarin Change (folds) FDR Change (folds) FDR MAP3K7 -5.
to remove the aged surface material), the reduced-thickness pieces were visually inspected according to SPIB rules for permissible knot defects to determine any change in structural grade.
Compliance of the 2- by 4-inch and 2- by 6-inch loblolly pine lumber requirements obtained from the 19-year-old plantation to SPIB southern pine structural lumber standards (SPIB 1994).
The SPIB tension group had specimens with cross-sectional dimensions of 38 mm by 19 mm and a length of approximately 760 mm that were machined from the end-jointed samples having two different orientations, identified as vertical (V) and horizontal (H) following the illustration of Figure 1.
The durability cycle of the SPIB procedures was similar to the AITC (1992) cyclic delamination test used for glulam quality control.
The SPIB test protocol specifies that specimens for the durability cycle should be side-matched with specimens that are tested without the durability cycle.
Ninety-five percent confidence intervals for the mean strength values for each of the SPIB bending tests (SBHND, SBVND, and SBVD) are shown in Figure 10.
Figure 11 presents the 95 percent confidence intervals for the strength from the SPIB tension tests.
In contrast to the AITC tension tests, the SPIB tension tests exhibited significantly fewer mode 6 failures.
The SPIB glued lumber procedures for southern pine call for durability finger-jointed specimens to be dried to 15 percent MC or below after the vacuum-pressure-soak cycle (SPIB 2002).
Among-sample variation in CCA-C retention based on x-ray fluorescence, and minimum and maximum retention, for various SYP kiln-dried lumber, at least 8 feet in length, SPIB Grade No.
After passing the trimmer, it is stamped with an SPIB grade mark (grade, mill identification, how the wood was dried) and sorted by length and grade.