SPIDASummer Programme in Data Analysis (Canada)
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The SPIDA has proved itself to be both reliable and efficient.
SPIDA is designed to decorate small to medium size components such as mobile phones, mice, radio bezels and buttons.
Sales director Mark Robinson says: "We are thrilled that SPIDA once again has been chosen, beating off some very stiff competition.
Spida, aka Lee Roberts, set out on his own several years ago, after his all-cousins' hip hop four piece, Dalton-based Practical headz, split up.
I chose the name Spida because I used to love climbing when I was younger and used to have plaits that stuck out at each side.
This was followed by first album The Foundation and Spida Lee, The Original Soundtrack.
They went on to develop SPIDA - a compact (taking up approximately 500 sq/ft) and highly automated decoration line.
SPIDA utilises individual capstans for the transfer of parts.
The smart data transfers, enabled through QuickLogic's SPIDA PSB, can.
QuickLogic's SPIDA is unlike generic sideloading schemes, because it is highly configurable to match specific interface and timing requirements of the specific AP.
SPIDA is the first-generation PSB in a planned family of smart data transfer blocks with ever-increasing capability.