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SPIFSales Promotion Incentive Fund (sometimes written SPIFF)
SPIFSecurity Policy Information File
SPIFSingle Point Incremental Forming
SPIFShuttle Payload Integration Facility
SPIFSales Performance Incentive Fund
SPIFSpecial Performance Incentive Fund
SPIFSales Person Incentive Fund
SPIFShuttle/POCC Interface Facility (NASA)
SPIFShuttle Projects Information Frontier
SPIFShoreline Park Improvement Fund (Seattle, WA)
SPIFSACDIN Program Integration Facility (USAF)
SPIFStamps Perforated for Individuals or Firms (stamp collecting)
SPIFSafe, Productive, Infrastructure-Friendly (vehicles)
SPIFSerial Peripheral Interface Flag (data transfer indicator)
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By using SPIF technology materials are deformed plastically and their surfaces are hardened.
SPIF is very efficient technology, in comparison with hard tooling manufacturing.
Similarly, it's vital to keep the sales staff motivated--not only with SPIFs, but through methods that will ensure the consumer gets the right product.
It's not a feeding frenzy of SPIFs, slot allotment and advertising dollars.
We spent a few minutes talking about SPIFs, and we all know that that's important.
Enhanced Reseller Incentives: Unlike competing partner programs, all Connect Partners, regardless of tier, now receive complete sales cycle incentives, including project registration, deal registration and SPIFs.
The SPIFFY Prodigy Award is given to the pre-2011 SPIF presenting company that went on to achieve the most notable growth, market success or exit.
It's a tremendous honor to be recognized by the telecommunications industry here in the Valley as the most successful SPIF alumni organization," said Rob Mustarde, vice president of marketing for Ruckus Wireless.
More on the Council, the SPIF, and the SPIFFY Awards is online at http://www.
SPIF card program, providing instant cash rewards for employees of authorized ESPs when they sell RapidStream appliances.
Partner SPIF card is a MasterCard debit card that provides instant cash rewards to individual salespersons at ESPs for selling RapidStream appliances.
To mark the Partner Program launch, IP3 is currently featuring numerous quarterly promotions as well as a generous SPIF program.