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SPIFSales Promotion Incentive Fund (sometimes written SPIFF)
SPIFSecurity Policy Information File
SPIFSingle Point Incremental Forming
SPIFShuttle Payload Integration Facility
SPIFSales Performance Incentive Fund
SPIFSpecial Performance Incentive Fund
SPIFSales Person Incentive Fund
SPIFShuttle/POCC Interface Facility (NASA)
SPIFShuttle Projects Information Frontier
SPIFShoreline Park Improvement Fund (Seattle, WA)
SPIFSACDIN Program Integration Facility (USAF)
SPIFStamps Perforated for Individuals or Firms (stamp collecting)
SPIFSafe, Productive, Infrastructure-Friendly (vehicles)
SPIFSerial Peripheral Interface Flag (data transfer indicator)
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Quadro 2--Resultados das quatro maiores instituicoes financeiras Variaveis Independentes Dependentes LU PL MOPER RSIT RNIF RSIF_PL CCAPT CAPPT + - - - + - PT AT + + - + - - PTLP PL IBAS + - - Variaveis Independentes Dependentes SPIF FCL EVA PL BETA CAPPT - + + PT AT - - + + + PTLP PL IBAS + - - - Fonte: Elaborado pelos autores.
By using SPIF technology materials are deformed plastically and their surfaces are hardened.
SPIF is very efficient technology, in comparison with hard tooling manufacturing.
While any of the questions from the last two sections of the SPIF can be cross-referenced against the individual criteria ratings from the ePortfolio assessment rubric, certain experiential-based questions from the SPIF are employed most often.
One example of a cross-tabulated application might be to compare the student's response to the SPIF query "I have participated or am currently participating in one or more study abroad experiences" against the ratings of the student's portfolio for one knowledge-learning outcome criteria: "Basic concepts--political events such as the Iraq war, major world organizations such as the UN, major trends such as globalization, the role of non-governmental organizations, etc.
Similarly, it's vital to keep the sales staff motivated--not only with SPIFs, but through methods that will ensure the consumer gets the right product.
In response to the curve ball, HSDC President John Chock and Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism Director Ted Liu have begun a national search for a found manager for SPIF.
Additionally, for the pyramid parts produced by the SPIF method the greatest thinning occurs in the corners of the part.
Competition for these awards is fierce since all start-ups are screened by Telecom Council Steering Committees before they are selected to present to the SPIF or other Telecom Council forum meetings.
More on the Council, the SPIF, and the SPIFFY Awards is online at http://www.
To mark the Partner Program launch, IP3 is currently featuring numerous quarterly promotions as well as a generous SPIF program.
usted puede ganar SPIFs sobre casi todos los SKUs de NEC