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SPIKSerine Protease Inhibitor Kazal (protein)
SPIKSveriges Podenco Ibicenco Klubb (Norwegian: Sweden Ibizan Hound Club)
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WASHINGTON, June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Ice Tea Group, LLC (ITG) completed the migration of Skanska IT Solutions' project management and appraisal application, SPIK, from Gupta Team Developer, a development tool and technology used in the '90s, to the modern and highly compatible Microsoft .
The British were fourth at 500m, Slovenia's Iztok Cop and Luka Spik setting the early pace.
Peter Spik, NODC's regional manager in Thunder Bay, stated that the size of the loan prohibits an immediate answer.
In 2006, Nordic chef Laila Spik published How To Cook A Reindeer.
Jean White has realised a dream and set up her first business called Spik & Span, which offers a domestic cleaning and ironing service, at the age of 49.
Spik of Volvo GM Heavy Truck, 919-279-2350; or Robert Mothershead of Addison Group, Inc.
Never a truer word was said and the Scots fans would have agreed as they set off down the hill for a big plate of grind og spik, a favourite dish in the Faroe Islands.