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SPIKEScience Planning Intelligent Knowledge-Based Environment
SPIKESpecially Prepared Individuals for Key Events
SPIKEScience Planning Interactive Knowledge Environment (Hubble Telescope data processor)
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You'll see bits o' green spikes stickin' out o' th' black earth after a bit.
Filled with despair, he cursed the moment when he had entered the service of the cruel witch, and already he saw his head sticking up on the sharp spike beside the others.
Fine's a yacht forward, with yacht sterns to 'em, an' spike bowsprits, an' a haouse that u'd take our hold.
He returned carrying his jumping-shoes, which are provided, as you are aware, with several sharp spikes.
Instead, bare-back, he received the negro on his back, and was spiked and set bucking just the same; for the spike was now attached to Sam's palm by means of leather straps.
But before putting him down I had the extremely bad taste to cut off his pigtail and spike it to that beam above his grave, where you may see it at this moment, or, preferably, when warmth has given you leisure for observation.
Sounding this bottle with a spike, he pierced and produced to view some little irregularly formed black objects, which might have been familiar enough to a woman accustomed to the luxurious tables of the rich, but which were a new revelation to a person like myself, who
Tonight a spike of white lilies faintly perfumed the room like the dream of a fragrance.
Snider again held aloft another trophy of the search--a metal spike and some tarnished and corroded metal ornaments.
As soon as three Orchidean forms (Monochanthus, Myanthus, and Catasetum), which had previously been ranked as three distinct genera, were known to be sometimes produced on the same spike, they were immediately included as a single species.
This, Monsieur," he said, "is a spike which perfectly fits a hole still to be seen in the cornice supporting the terrace.
It was a difficult cast to make on a rolling ship, but the sharp point of the spike, whistling seventy-five feet through the air, barely missed Wolf Larsen's head as he emerged from the cabin companion-way and drove its length two inches and over into the solid deck-planking.