SPILSalam Pacific Indonesia Lines
SPILSignal Processor In the Loop
SPILSociety of Petroleum Industry Leaders (Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear)
SPILSiliconware Precision Industries Limited (Taiwan)
SPILSyndicat Professionnel des Infirmières Libérales
SPILSoftware Prototype and Integration Laboratory
SPILSiliconware Precision Industrials
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The Holdco's ability to pool the resources of ASE and SPIL will provide financial flexibility for capex and R&D spending, which will widen the technology gap with Amkor Technology, Inc.
All directors and management of SPIL will be retained and their current compensation and benefits maintained.
With the SPIL facility now being added to MSIL, we can have a cohesive diesel strategy as it will provide synergies in finance and capital," Nakanishi explained.
Paul Macwan in 1999, SPIL initially manufactured only stationery products such as staple pins, U-clips, pointed pins, and note books.
While companies such as SPIL have reported pricing pressure on low pin count products driven by customer demand, many of the advanced packages continue to see firm prices.
36969 (1 4) Table 3 Granger Causality Test Results To show short term relationship between macro variables and stock prices Direction of Causality F-Test Statistics CPIL [right arrow] SPIL 0.
The report stated that Japan's Suzuki Motor owns 54 percent in Maruti Suzuki and SPIL is a 70:30 joint venture between Suzuki Motor and Maruti Suzuki.
SPIL was promoted by the Chitlangia group, which, as on date, owns 41.
It was reported that the spokesperson for SPIL said Subey Singh's allegations were baseless.
CRISIL believes that SPIL will maintain its business risk profile over the medium term, supported by its stable operations.
ASE expresses its sincere gratitude for all SPIL shareholders who participated in the ROC Offer and the US Offer.
The report stated that the SPIL workers are peeved at the management's failure to reinstate their three union functionaries and arrive at a final settlement to their due wage revision.