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SPIMSpam over Instant Messenger
SPIMSelective Plane Illumination Microscopy
SPIMSpam Instant Messages
SPIMService de Prévention des Incendies de Montréal
SPIMSpam Over Internet Messaging
SPIMStrategic Physical Information Model
SPIMSpecialty-Import (beer category used by retailers/distributors)
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Spim continues to grow because the instant messaging services available from AOL, Yahoo
Unfortunately, spim will continue to grow, so districts need to adopt defensive measures for school and personal IM applications.
Most spim is generated by automated programs that simulate instant messaging (IM) users and send spam messages to a predetermined set of screen names, which are generated randomly or harvested off the Internet.
Several of the emulators, such as SPIM, are written entirely in C, making ports to hosts of several different ISAs possible [Larus 1991].
The purpose of this contract is the supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of a multi - illumination SPIM (mSPIM) light - scanned microscope equipped with image control and acquisition software and For fluorescence observation of thick objects or the monitoring of living objects for long periods of time for the purposes of UMS 33.
EMBL said it anticipates Bruker will make SPIM more widely available to the larger biological research community.
detected a sharp decline in signal after few iterations using widefield microscopy, while the decay in SPIM was only minimal (Reynaud et al.
The lawsuit marked the first time AOL has expressly targeted spim in a legal action.
According to a statement sent to us from a company called Omnipod, a new type of SPAM is on the loose and it goes by the name of SPIM (Instant Messaging Spam).
Content hygiene and security - Web-based malware prevention, virus scanning of file attachments, worm blocking, spIM protection and keyword content filtering for both UC-generated as well as federated public IM