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SPINSoftware Process Improvement Network
SPINService Provider Identification Number (cellular service)
SPINSmall Plot Intensive Farming (food production)
SPINSnap-in Provided Information
SPINSimple Promela Interpreter
SPINSensor Positioning and Identification Network
SPINSponsored Programs Information Network
SPINSuperannuation Product Identification Number (Australian pensions)
SPINShared Pathology Informatics Network
SPINSocial Phobia Inventory
SPINSpecial Parent Information Network (Hawaii)
SPINStrategic Press Information Network
SPINSociety of Public Information Networks (Not-for-profit company of 200 UK Organisations involved in the electronic public information sector)
SPINSilk Painters International
SPINSituation, Problem, Implication, Need-payoff (book by Neil Rackham)
SPINScience Policy Information News (Wellcome Trust, UK)
SPINSpatial Indicators (for European Nature Conservation)
SPINSpherical Projection Interface
SPINSandwell Public Information Network (UK)
SPINSaturnus Personal Internet Navigator
SPINSpace Intercept
SPINSony Pictures Interactive Network (Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.)
SPINScalable, Programmable, Integrated Network
SPINSenate Interplanetary Intelligence Network (Star Wars)
SPINStandard Prescriber Identification Number
SPINSupply Partner Information Network (DaimlerChrysler supplier network)
SPINSpecial Instruction Set
SPINSensor, Positioning, and Identification Network
SPINStrategies and Policies for Informatics (UN)
SPINSamodzielny Proprzemyslowy Instytut Naukowy (Polish: Scientific Proindustrial Independent Institute)
SPINSpinning Program Instructor Network (indoor cycling)
SPINSearchable Physics Information Notes
SPINSolution Provided Information Network
SPINStrategic Placement of Inventory
SPINSolutions for Presenting Information on Networks
SPINSystème de Protection Intégré Numérique (French: Digital Integrated Protection System)
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Each in his turn went up to the priest (they were all within a large circular railing) and bowed profoundly and then went spinning away deliriously and took his appointed place in the circle, and continued to spin.
There's a piece o' sheeting I could give you as that squinting Kitty spun--she was a rare girl to spin, for all she squinted, and the children couldn't abide her; and, you know, the spinning's going on constant, and there's new linen wove twice as fast as the old wears out.
The brittle thread is broken, The dull wheel wearies of its ceaseless round, The duller distaff sickens of its load; I will not spin to-night.
To-morrow you shall spin, and every day Shall find you at your distaff.
There is no need to fetch anybody," said the page; "for though I can't spin I can read, and I'll read it;" and so he read it through, but as it has been already given it is not inserted here; and then he took out the other one from the duchess, which ran as follows:
y] component of the PV spin rotation in one sub-beam is opposite to that of the other sub-beam.
The neutron spin rotation measurements in helium (five-body system) and hydrogen (two-body system) are included in this set.
One is spin-tronics, a new type of circuitry that manipulates electron spins instead of--or in addition to--the electron charges exploited by today's circuitry.
The main difference between high-tech yo-yos today and all the yo-yos that went before is the time that the modern ones can spin at the ends of their strings.
Key words: interference visibility; Larmor precession; multilayer resonator; neutron spin echo; spin interference; tunnelling transmission; ultracold neutron anomaly; very cold neutrons.
To see whether the predicted bias shows up in actual coin tosses, the team made movies of tossed coins and then calculated the axes of spin.