SPINAGESick Pleasures Inducing Neurotic and Gruesome Embellishments (Tucson, AZ heavy metal band)
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The diet of each species was obtained either from our own observations or from the literature: for wildebeest (Watson 1969, Kreulen 1975), topi (Duncan 1975, Murray 1993, Murray and Brown 1993), buffalo (Sinclair 1977a), waterbuck (Field 1972, Spinage 1982), zebra (Klingel 1969), Thomson's gazelle (Gwynne and Bell 1968), kongoni (Stanley-Price 1978, Murray 1993), dikdik (Hendrichs and Hendrichs 1971), giraffe (Pellew 1980), and oribi (Mduma 1991, Mduma and Sinclair 1994).
Thus, they can spread their births through the year, a result similar to that found by Spinage (1969) and Wirtz and Kaiser (1988) in Uganda and Kenya.
The use of age determinations based on tooth height tables is restricted "to predicting the mean ages of samples of a population rather than of individuals" (Spinage, 1976:276; see also Klein, 1981).
1978, Cheater 2006), and 2) two cementum lines per year plus one year, as deposition of secondary dentine in mammals south of the equator may occur at a rate of two lines per year (Spinage 1976).
Spinage (1976) reported counting 20 cementum lines of an expected 22 lines for a captive lion from Kenya.
Calving periods in both related taxons of common eland and Giant eland usually peak in wet seasons when food availability is greatest (Kingdon 1982, Spinage 1986, Bro-J0rgensen 1997, Pappas 2002).