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SPINESafe Programmable and Integrated Network Environment (computer science)
SPINEShared Program Information Network
SPINESustainable Product Information Network for the Environment
SPINEStructural Proteomics in the Northeast (project; Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium)
SPINESecure Positioning In sensor NEtworks
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I didn't know," ventured the nurse, "that he thought he had a lump on his spine.
You poor devil," he said gently, rubbing White Fang's ears and tapping his spine.
Laughing a little over her fancy, yet with something of a creepy sensation in the region of her spine, Anne kissed her hand to Gog and Magog and slipped out into the fog, with some of the new magazines under her arm for Leslie.
Regarding anatomical location of mandibular fractures, 21 occurred at condyle, 4 at ramus, 59 at angle, 54 at the body, 49 parasym-physis, 43 symphysis, and total 7 cases were with cervical spine injury.
My experience is that yoga can help strengthen the muscles that support the spine as well as create traction to lengthen the spine.
The round stingray possesses a venomous caudal spine close to the base of the tail.
The athlete was then ambulanced to a local hospital to rule out such injuries as cervical vertebrae fracture or dislocation, cervical spine injuries, and other possible catastrophic injuries.
Yuste, however, cautions that not every spine contains a synapse, and synapses don't have to be on spines.
It is what allows our spine the great degree of mobility in bending forward, backward, sideways and twisting.
Galleries are distributed through both wings, with the museum cafe and library housed in the north wing at the end of the spine.
However, it may occur in younger people who are born with a narrowing of the spinal canal or who suffer an injury to the spine.
Anatomically, weak abdominal or tight psoas muscles are indirect contributors; faults in technique, such as extending the pelvis to improve hip turn-out, executing arabesques through the extension of the lumbar spine, and poor lifting technique in male dancers, may also contribute.