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SPINORSpectro-Polarimeter for Infrared and Optical Regions
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where we have explicitly written out the indices associated with spinor labels and coordinates and the summation convention is assumed for all repeated indices.
By definition, we have that the tropical pure spinor space [TSpin.
The continuous rotation and reversal of the inward wave amplitude at the center is expressible in Dirac's spinor algebra.
It is not claimed that the evolution of a delocalized packet in a gravitational field agrees with the spinor results in a curved spacetime.
It is in one-to-one correspondence (for a concrete explanation of this fact, using the reducibility of the pure spinor constraint, see the appendix of [5] and [18]) with the six terms in the nominator of the partition function
The spinor solutions from the two simultaneous equations in (3) are strongly coupled by the inverted X - [phi] spinor configuration of the second term, showing the vacuum state to be an integral part of the electron phenomenon.
In the discussion presented herein the quantum function [phi] represents either scalar, spinor or vector particle.
In the latter case, the variables nj[pi] (here [pi] denotes parity and it takes the values [+ or -] 1) is an equivalent notation for a relativistic configuration because l = j [+ or -] 1/2 and the numerical parity of the l-value of a Dirac spinor upper part defines the single particle's parity.
Cartan, one zero-length vector splits into a spinor and conjugate spinor mathematically.
Hence, for the case where j = l - 1/2, the Clebsch-Gordan coefficients [3] used for coupling the spatial angular momentum and the spin indicate that the spin of either the upper or the lower Dirac spinor has no definite direction and that the coefficient of the spin down is not smaller than that of the spin up [3, see p.
Each of these radial functions is a two-component function, one for the upper 2-component spin and the other for the lower 2-component spin that belong to a 4-component Dirac spinor.